"CORPORATION CAPITALISM," Democracy and our party system.

Democracy. Parties. The old free enterpirse economic system.




If there were a party that advocated free education and health care, which I feel are the essentials of a functioning modern nation.especially one  that advocates equality and opportunity to all its citizens, I'd be inclined toward some kind of association with it.


In Wisconsin it is not necessary to declare as Republican or Democrat to vote.  As neither party advocates what I think to be essential to the the function of a healthy democratic nation, I am neither Democrat nor Republican.


Today's Democratic Party although giving lip service to both these essentials has not given sufficient energy to make “free education” and universal medical care a reality.


It is instead inclined toward dealing with “corporation capitalism,” while the Republican Party seems, at least for the moment to be in complete support of “corporation capitalism.”


Both parties find it difficult to appropriately engage British Petroleum, for example because they are mesmerized by the doings of “corporation capitalism. "


While “corporation capitalists” present us with all sorts of illusions dealing with equality and opportunity, this contemporary system of “free enterprise” seems to be working best for the moneyed class, those on Easy Street.


There are many opportunities for those of us who seek then to live full lives without devoting our lives merely to money making for the sake of money making. We don't have to have the kind of life that is centered in places like New York.


Nor do we have to exist primarily for shifting empty things and meaningless papers around so that some people can make money by practically stealing if from others.


I'm sure that Adam Smith and his followers at about the same time our constitution developed did not foresee the development of the type of “corporation capitalism” that we have today.


Few people of the time could even think or foresee of a nation like the United States and a free enterprise economic system lasting this long.


Our country as it has evolved seems to need two major parties to function.  However, I'm not a strong believer in the practicalities of either party. 


Therefore, I must stand on the side lines and hope that I can vote for some one that these parties put up as candidates, not that party always matters much to candidates, as it seems members can switch from one party to another quite easily,  pretty much as is done with ball teams.   


I would certainly be interested in the economic system of the 18th century Adam Smith system, but that is in the past, and it remains a conservative aspiration that will never happen. again.  Therefore,  I can not be enticed by either party.


I do know that “corporation capitalism” endangers all that our forefathers believed in and that neither party is going to give us the free educational system that our democracy is dependent on.


We have seen that our government can only give us a type of “corporation capitalistic health care,” based on profits for the insurance companies, although it is doubtful as to what services insurance companies  perform. Only a corporation influenced congress could pass the present health bill that is dominated by corporation thinking.


I'm for diminishing the power of “corporation capitalism,” Wall Street and the financial institutions and I'm for developing a more democratic capitalism and a political system that will provide education and health care for everyone.


But all this too seems to be an illusion, as strangly enough, all rational things often seem to be. 

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