TIME IS AN ILLUSION. But coffee and bagels at Einstein's are real.

Time as an illusion. Age soon to be an illusion. Life is an illusion. Bagels are real.


My intergenerational Tuesday started with coffee at Einstein's at 10:00 to 11:30 last week.


Tuesday, I had coffee with several people who would have been considered to be in the last quarter of their lives. We talked a lot about things of today.


We also talked a lot about how things that were yesterday.  It was both interesting and fun.


Later that day, I met a young architectural student who is living in the first quarter of her life.


I represented the field of learning in which she was most interested and she wanted to discuss many things with me. This was unlike people her age serving at Walgreen's who can not by nature see elderly persons in their line of vision.


So I called Tuesday my intergenerational day.


Later in the week, I talked with a relative who is interested in geriatric medicine and who is toward the end of that second quarter of her life. Her work, her research and her readings have led her to believe that someone already born in the world today will never experience death. Can we place that in the illusion category?


I also received the last Scientific American a few days ago with one of articles listed on the cover proclaiming that time is an illusion. That's fine. The physicists are meeting up with the philosopher who says life is an illusion. Einstein was among the first in modern days to deal with the question of the reality of time.


Speaking of Einstein, those of us who crossed generations with Albert are expecting to meet at Einstein's on Oakland, Tuesday at 10:00 to 11:30 A.M. for coffee and bagels, illusion or not.

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