How Much Can We Be Taxed?

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Although I like to sometimes believe that there are a lot of Americans who share the belief that we are being taxed too much by a government that is too large and spends way too much money, or sometimes seems to be an equal amount of people who are willing to pay higher taxes. And they just don't raise taxes on themselves, they raise them on you and me too.

Tax-and-spend liberals are now making the rounds with a new statistic: taxes are as low now as they were in the early 1950s. Translation: it's time for a huge tax increase. I don't know what they base their belief on, but there are far too many tax-and-spend liberals who have their handout to receive whatever they can from any government entity, yet only pay the minimum when it comes to paying payroll taxes. If they believe governments are not getting enough of people's money, they should start by chipping in their own money and leave others out of it. How about cutting spending?

Tax-and-spend liberals' arguments about who should pay more is just plain silly. Do people in one community need less national defense than others? Are the streetlights and traffic lights different based on ability to pay? If some people are required to pay more for the same services, why don't these arguments would make sense?

Tax-and-spend liberals are all ready gearing up to use the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico as a reliable argument for passing a climate change Bill. After all, their motto is 'don't waste a good crisis.' Look off our tax-and-spend liberals got using the economic crisis as bases to spend trillions of dollars that America does not have.

President Obama has been looking to the leadership of Europe in the world as a basis for his economic disaster plan. I mean the economic recovery plan. So as America goes broke, Obama is going to recommend a value-added tax. This will add up to 23% additional taxes on everything we buy. Of course, it will start out "small"but I'm sure it will quickly grow. It will grow to meet the spending needs of the government. This government spends one dollar for every $.60 it takes in. And of course, in this election year, that will have absolutely no sign of slowing down. It and the justification for this? The two wars that Obama inherited. Well, if these wars are too expensive, then they should be unfunded immediately.

Of course, they won't be. Another argument is the continued economic crisis that Obama inherited from George Bush. This too, has become the lamest excuse for failing presidency I have ever heard. It has been a year and a half, when is Obama going to step up and take responsibility for the policies he sometimes says are working? Why would we continue on the same track if nothing seems to be working?

The American economy is not stagnating because we are taxed too little. The economy is stagnating because we are spending too much and creating a society that is becoming far too dependent on government handouts. And this direction of government dependency did not begin 10 years ago. It began as far back as the Great Depression and the expansion of social programs by President Roosevelt. If the Obama administration thinks it has righted the wrong that has been plaguing society for 60 years with the passage of the healthcare bill earlier this year, why can't they right the wrong that has been plaguing society for 60 years and help the people of this country become self-reliant and financially independent?

We know why. We would have to reverse the socialist indoctrination that is being forced down our throat for the past year and a half. It's easier to think of oneself as a victim and become dependent upon the government than it is to control your own future and create your own destiny. It sounds like hard work because it is. And we are creating a societal generation which will become a cycle of dependency because that is easier than the hard work it takes to become a self-made success. We are all self-made, but only the successful will admit it.

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