Election Predictions?

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There's a lot of anger out there!

Is there? Yes and no. The past several months, political polling has shown that Barack Obama has been hovering around a 50% approval rating. Although it is predictably down from his high he's just after his inauguration almost a year and a half ago, they seem to have leveled off. What are the reasons for this?

Half of the households in the United States today do not pay any income taxes. If that were the case for me, I would probably be satisfied with that too. Anyone who is employed with the federal government is probably satisfied too. Government is the only growing sector in the American economy and federal employees earn far more money than someone with comparable responsibilities in the private sector. No reason for dissatisfaction there.

Special interest groups like trial lawyers and union members are getting payback from the administration in an effort to secure the revolt for any Democrat candidate this year or 2012. With the federal government taking over industries like the automobile industry with its purchase of General Motors, profits can now filter to the UAW instead of investors like it was in the old days. The government gave them enough money to not only pay a loan back but to turn a profit for the first quarter. How exactly does that work?

After passing a health care reform bill against the will of the majority of American citizens, Congress has been patting itself on the back because they finally have figured out what you want and what you need. You certainly don't know what you want or need. But government has to tell you. A financial reform bill is going to take the risk out of losing money if you invest on Wall Street. And there will be no more bailouts. Except for the companies and special interests that will get bailed out. Does Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac qualify as a company?

This summer has brought or will bring primary elections and party conventions for the November elections. What are the results telling us? It's kind of a mixed bag. Longtime incumbents are being thrown out. Yet other longtime incumbents are being reelected. Some Democrats are in risk of losing their seats. Yet other Democrats are beating Republican challengers. Moderate Republicans are winning over tea party candidates. Tea party candidates are winning over Republicans. Longtime Democrats are being replaced by Republicans and some Republicans are voting with the Democrats.

The results are all over the place. What is sometimes being thought of as a referendum on Obama, is getting different results for various reasons. Our Democrat spending too much? Do Republicans have good ideas? Do candidates have any new ideas? Is there an anti-spending feeling out there? Are taxes too low?

One thing we know, is that we really don't know. The issues of today may not be the issues of tomorrow which may not be the issues of election day. What we once thought we could predict, now seems unpredictable. Although we will get what we want, will we get what we deserve? But the real question is, will America continue its greatness? Or will we continue to chip away at the things that have made us great? What else can we do but wait and see.

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