Thought. Thought is who we are.




Thoughts tend to disappear unless “put to paper.” In the past, they often became the word and in some cases scripture.


Even paper, previously stone, often disappears along with the thoughts placed there, except for thoughts that enter the minds of those inclined toward thinking.


Having read or heard the thoughts of others, one accepts or discards their meaning. This can be done either consciously or without reflection. Unlike the specifics of mathematical elements, words stimulate interpretations and emotions and cast various individual meanings.


Just as I'm stimulated by the thoughts of others, I tend, as one who professes, to consciously try to stimulate the thoughts of others.


Those who sit at your feet must be constantly cautioned at the fleeting meanings and interpretations that can be placed on various thoughts. And that all ideas must be weighed within their own minds.


Those who circle you, walking along the sidelines with skeptical appearance on their faces are looking for thoughts that they can disagree with. They cannot be cautioned nor warned as to true meaning.


And then there are those who turn deaf to thoughts of others, even if they have none of their own. There is no advice that can be given them. Even shaking does not awaken them.


But once spoken or “placed on paper,” those thoughts are out there. They can not be ignored nor pushed out of consciousness.


No matter how much we disagree, when referencing them, they influence or tend to dissuade our thoughts and even affect us in considering the thoughts of others.


We are generally what others think, only modified by our own thoughts. Therefore, the clear often application of our own thoughts to ideas significant to us as individuals cause us to learn and make us truly who we are individually, even here in Shorewood.

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