What is the Message of the Tea Bagger Driving Down the Highway?

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While driving on the freeway recently, I spotted an auto with two very prominent bumper stickers.

One said "Fire Nancy Pelosi"

The other one said "Drill Baby Drill"

I am going to go out on a limb here, and guess the person who owns that car is a Tea Bagger, who is expressing a couple of the two most common opinions of the loosely associated group that describes itself as the Tea Party.

That the Tea Party People would want to fire Nancy Pelosi is kind of a "no brainer" -- they are opposed to almost every agenda item she has helped put forth or pass.

As for the "Drill Baby Drill"  (in spite of the oil pouring out of the Gulf towards pristine shores) I believe the original motivation for that sentiment is that the United States should not be dependent upon 'Foreign" oil.

Foreign oil of course messes up our balance of trade, as we are importing rather than exporting. 

It hurts our American business who would like a more predictable cost of oil and its related products.

I takes away American jobs --- all the workmen necessary to run the rigs and do the drilling.

Lastly it adds to our federal debt, and increases the amounts of money we owe to foreigners, especially China, who buy our bonds, so we buy their exports.

Yes, I get all that about the sentiment of wanting to Drill for Good American Oil ...... renowned speaker, foreign trade  and energy expert, Sarah Palin has led many Tea Party chants encouraging us to "Drill American".

What I don't get about the particular Tea Party messenger I saw driving down the road, was that he was driving a Hyundai !!!!!!!

In the words of Bill O'Reilly ----- does that make him a "Patriot" or a "Pinhead" ?

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