Drilling for oil in the sea may mean a SEA OF OIL.

Oil at sea. Or a sea of oil.

A sea of oil.


Given an old Japanese tradition, Palin, Limbaugh and McCain would have knelt in some isolated place and driven a sword in their bellies somewhere under their navels, positioned slightly to the right in hopes of getting their honor back after death.


British Petroleum needs to plug up the hole in the sea floor with golf balls. Perhaps the Tiger can supply them with a number of silk stockings full of them to stuff into the broken pipe along with plenty of hair for containing surface oil.


In addition to oil soaked birds, dead fish, floating politicians with swords in their bellies, we'd now have a mixture of golf balls, salt water and oil, making up a new consistency for the Gulf of Mexico.


Just before sailing over the edge of the earth and falling endlessly downward, I can see a clan poised on the beach at the other side, determined to contribute urine to the sea to see if that would dilute or rid it of its oil content.  That would certainly be a rather meaningful act, who knows and that might do it, especially if the golf balls don't work.


Now the big question. What if this now small but opened gap in the sea floor doesn't stop yielding this precious but destructive muck?

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