Naturalization vs. Denaturalization.

Citizenship or not. Who and how to become a citizen.



Sure you can become an American Citizen. But a Senator in charge of citizen distribution can take all that naturalization stuff back from you if you just don't look quite right or are in the wrong place at the wrong time.


What about naturalized citizens, such as wives of Senators? Such as yours , Joe? Where should they be tried if caught driving through a red light? Military court? Then does she get de-naturalized.


How about taking away someone's citizenship if he was born in Hawaii, or if we're not sure he's a citizen, or whose father came from Kenya or was born in Nebraska even after it became a territory, Mr. Lieberman? What about descendants of slaves? Were they naturalized? Can they be made unnatural again?


What about big government's role in this. Why all the concern? Is it because we want to grow our own tea here for tea parties or plug into our own oil supply as we are doing so well in the Gulf? I'm glad the constitution wasn't written in these times.


How about spending more time on job-creation? Perhaps not like British Petroleum is doing. They are creating clean-up jobs? Isn't that great? Dirty it up, then clean it up. The logic sounds just about right and seems to square with yours, Mr. Independent Senator Joe.


What difference does it make to the rest of us, if someone else were to occupy your seat in the Senate? Do you have to pop with some crazy idea to show that you are there from time to time?

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