Tough and Unpopular Policies Are Working

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As we turn the pages off our calendar and move further into 2010, we review the economic numbers from the previous month and determine whether or country and its economy are moving in the right direction. Last Friday, after the unemployment numbers came out for April, President Obama made a statement saying that his tough yet unpopular policies that they made the hard decisions to pass, are working and producing results. Let's take a look at those results.

The unemployment rate went from 9.7% up to 9.9%. When President Obama took office, it was less than 8% but on the way up. The national unemployment rate has been above 9% for a year now. Has he economic recovery act work? It clearly has not. But we are seeing the results of what Obama has done. It has slowed the economic recovery and produced a high unemployment rate that will be high for months to come according to economists. According to government economists.

How about that stock market? President Obama was policies have brought back the stock market volatility that has also plagued economic recovery. We have now lost all of the gains we have made in 2010. What is the government doing about it? They are having a Congressional investigation to see if someone mistyped a character on their keyboard which caused volatility of 1000 points in one hour. Whether that happened or not is no longer important. We have had three days of triple digit declines. The biggest fat cats on Wall Street don't have fingers that fat. Investor confidence is still down and is further eroding the wealth of people who still believe in capitalism and the senior citizens who will now have to depend more on the government for handouts.

What about trust and integrity? Obama spent 2009 convincing us that the health insurance companies are not worthy of our trust. He is now turned his attention to convincing us that the people in the banking industry who have our money are not worth being trusted. The auto companies can't be trusted. The police can't be trusted. The pharmaceutical companies can't be trusted. Advertising companies just want us to eat on the nutritional food. They can't be trusted. The Republicans can't be trusted because they're only obstructing the progressive agenda being shoved down our throats by the Democrats. And after all of this mistrust is being shoved down our throats, we begin to lose trust in the last place that we could finally trust-the federal government.

Well it seems you can't trust anybody these days. And the leader that we look to to bring the country together in tough times has done more to divide the country then he has to unite it. Yet, President Obama seems determined to continue to pass unpopular policies that are fundamentally changing the direction of the United States. He scoffs at critics who believe that his policies are socialistic. Yet the critics are right.

Trial balloons are being sent out to warm us up to the idea of a value-added tax. This huge taxation burden to be placed on the American people will be sold as a deficit producer. But one thing we know from tax-and-spend liberals, spending rises faster than the rate of taxation. We cannot spend our way out of this recession. We cannot tax our way to prosperity. Yes, America is still looking for strong leadership. Perhaps in the next 2 1/2 years we can find someone that we can elect that will finally provide it.

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