Summer Scheduling

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Day camp, overnight camp (a week or longer), zoo camp, art camp, museum camp, baseball camp, and the list goes on and on. Then add in swim lessons, summer school, softball, soccer, and on and on and on . . .

The amount of summer options is enormous. These were some of the choices facing Monkey, Silverback Gorilla, and me as we sat around the kitchen table last weekend. If she does this, then what about that . . . which friend is going to camp the week Monkey wants to go. Then there is summer school, which friends are taking what classes at a particular time. UHHHH!!! This is nuts!

There we all sat with brochures, booklets, a computer, and a calendar. Oh yes, a pencil too; to erase the inevitable conflicts. We sat and sat trying to put together Monkey’s summer schedule. There are so many choices, it’s enough to make a parent’s head spin. It seems that every minute of every day, every day of every week needs to be scheduled.

Whatever happened to just being a kid during the summer. Sure there was baseball and swim lessons, summer school and camp but back then, our summers were not overly scheduled. We slept late, we rode bikes around the neighborhood, and we played basketball on the driveway until the ball wound up behind the backboard over the garage door.

Camp was camp. We had a choice of day camp or overnight camp. There were not all the choices as to which specialty camp to go to. Camp was archery, arts and crafts, and swimming.

Our summer break from school was just that, a break. It was a time to relax. We didn’t rush around from activity to activity. 

Oh no! Summer vacation – our family trip that we planned six months ago. Let’s see that conflicts with summer school and the week of overnight camp when Monkey’s friend is going. Okay . . . so . . . Monkey will miss a week of summer school and I can switch her to a different session of camp. UGGHHH . . . erase this, move that here, and switch that to a different week, what a mess! 

Finished! She is registered, fees are paid, and the schedule is set. 

A busy summer for Monkey is planned. Yet, she will have time to be a kid, just as I did during summer break.       

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