Anatomy of a Poorly Handled Crisis

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Hindsight is always 2020. It is always easier to point out what has gone wrong than it is to do what is right while events are unfolding. A good example of this is what is going on right now in the Gulf of Mexico.

There are no winners coming out of this disaster but there are plenty of things that will be lost. The first casualty is of course the environment. The amount of crude oil leaking into the ocean will certainly not help the sea life any dead fish or animal that will be washing up on shore is going to be viewed as directly related to the oil spill whether or not it was. The second casualty will be the economic dependence on fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. This is being added on to the already bad economy that we have been experiencing for the past year and a half or longer.

The biggest loser in this will be the American people. They will lose because affordable energy could quickly become a thing of the past. Progressives in the government today will use this crisis to stop offshore drilling. Just three weeks before this disaster began, President Obama declared that he was going to be open to offshore drilling and new sources of oil exploration. This of course will come to a screeching halt. What this means is that the American people will have to fork over huge sums of money and increasingly huge sums of money to the OPEC nations who will be doing the drilling for us. The United States has an economy that is dependent upon oil. It was built on cheap oil and that is what we've come to expect. But with the progressive model of not wasting a crisis, you can bet that the administration is going to use this to pass an energy policy bill.

That means no future oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. This means five dollar a gallon gasoline. This means another hit to an already struggling economy. This means another hit 280 almost non-existent recovery that the Obama administration is touting as one of their greatest accomplishments. It's going to mean more government handouts. Will Senate Democrats used this to pass their Cap and Trade bill? I can't think of a more opportune time to falsely convince the citizens of this country that we can build windmills and nail on solar panels in a couple of years to replace the energy sources that we have now -- coal, oil, and natural gas. So not only gas prices will skyrocket, electric prices will too.

Some people have labeled this crisis as Obama's Hurricane Katrina. It is not. One thing the Obama administration did do at warp speed was blamed British Petroleum for the disaster and all its costs. Well, that's just fine and dandy, because that's where the blame belongs, but what is needed right now is to stop the oil from gushing from the floor of the ocean. The situation has to be gotten under control as soon as possible and then we need to worry about what went wrong and who is to blame.

In the past year and a half the government has forced down our throat the idea that government is the solution to all of our problems. Well, here's a big one. If big government is the solution, we should have a big government solution. If big government can not solve this, government cannot solve the economic crisis, the financial crisis, a health care crisis, the energy crisis, etc. No government can't solve all these things and we should not be dependent upon the government for these types of solutions. This disaster will one day end. But if it takes 60 to 90 days by solely pointing the blame finger at British Petroleum, big government will not be coming to our rescue. This poorly handled crisis will be another example on how government does not work for us. The taxpayers money is wasted in the government's trust will not be restored.

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