With the horrible tragedy unfolding on the coast of Louisiana from the BP oil, one has to stop and ponder when will we have enough of this irresponsible behavior by big corporations.  BP was warned many times that their oil rig and oil supply was not safe and that they were putting the Gulf of Mexico in great danger.  BP not only ignored the warnings, it assured everyone that things were safe and being handled.   Now what is unfolding is the greastest environmental catastrophe in United States history.

This comes on the heals of the huge mine disaster in West Virginia.  Similarly, the coal corporation which operated the mine that exploded and collapsed was warned over and over about the unsafe conditions in that mine.  Actually the mine was written up many times for violations of safety rules.

In the United States we have allowed these tragedies to occur far too often.  Unlike any western industrial nation, we have been extremely lax in enforcing regulations of big corporations.  The current financial disaster is another case in point.  Since deregulation started under Ronald Reagan's presidency, we have been tilting toward a major economic disaster.  No president since Reagan has fought ardently to stop this deregulation slide.  Corporations of every sort literally get away with murder in the United States. 

As we watch the catastrophic destruction of the shoreline, fisheries, tourism, etc. along the Gulf Coast, clearly remember the many miners who once again fell victim to the inhuman corporation in West Virginia, and etch in our memories the result of deregulation of corporations and financial institutions, may we get over coddling greed capitalism and re-establish the rights of all Americans to live safely and in a clean environment.  Death, environmental destruction, and financial collapse have been foisted on the American public by greed capitalists.  These are the same people who think nothing of starting an unprovoked war that has thousands and thousands of lost American lives so that the military-industrial complex can profit.  Aren't we a more civilized people than this?

Whatever blame rests with the federal government, let us go after that laxness now.  And set up government rules and regulations that protect Americans from death, destruction, financial hardship, and the war costs that will have to be paid by our children and grandchildren...and then ENFORCE these rules and regulations.  We can create a government that acts more responsibly than that run by Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama.  How much death and suffering are we willing to allow before we act?  This is not a political or partisan issue, it is a call to act to save the United States of America.

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