Proof that society is really mad.

The new capitalism of immorality. Non-production, a form of non-matter.



As I view it from Village Square. 


A core of 21st century robber barons appeared before the Senate this last week and for what purpose? To prove that such creatures exist.


Is this what Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations turned out to be, the wealth of 21st century bandits? Big bang capitalism, in the world of physics, the turning of things that are almost nothing into things measured in billions, in this case billions of dollars? 


In creating an economy of non-matter, money taken from others and made their own is of no social significance.   


The billionaires were arrogant and self-righteous, wile the Senators appeared stupid in their acceptance of robber's “capitalistic language” that justified their existence and that of this type of non-economic activity that turns our system on its head.


Senators pretended to understand and accepted this language.  They failed to place these “robbers” in a position to justifying their existence or of even explaining what significance this type of activity has to do with improving or even maintaining the American economy.


In fact, Wall Street needs to justify what its real role is when it comes to stock exchange and how it serves corporations in obtaining the capital they need in exchange for stock.   Why do normal corporations have to go outside the community for capital?   Why to New York?


Does the stock market exist  merely for the purpose of those who run it?  If so, what social function does the stock market really perform?  What justifies the additional charges to the public?


We have entered a 21st century economic situation where if something is not illegal it is not necessarily immoral and therefore acceptable business practice. Is there that much disconnection between morality and legality in a rational society?


It has been said, that society is mad and if it weren't for this insanity, we wouldn't be tolerating the irrationality of wealth without productive activity.  Why would people of government appear to be accepting these illegal and immoral transactions?


Our madness is being proved by many of the things happening only in the past weeks. I'm sure there are other areas of madness that shall be coming up in the days ahead.

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