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First off, our long local nightmare is over! Last week, City Market "closed" on the property formerly known as Mike Crivello's.

Word is, they start construction in September. I have no idea why they'd wait 4 months to start, but that's what I was told. If true, figure them opening sometime in 2011.


Next .. "TNT Nails" is history. On the Plan Commission's agenda is its replacement "Minoan Intimate Apparel (retail-foundation and accessory boutique)."

A google search turns up nothing on Minoan Intimate Apparel, but it does return a bit about "some artifacts depict the Minoan women who inhabited the island of Crete wearing primitive bodices made of bone, which fully exposed their breasts, emphasizing women’s role as the creators of life."

The horror! Won't somebody think of the children?



As many would now know, Lake Drive is undergoing construction. The first few days of the detour haven't been as smooth as one would like. Everyone, from the Police Department, Village Engineer, DPW, down to the school crossing guards are working on the issue, tweaking the signage, cones, and barrels. It will get better.

Truth is, human nature will take care of a chunk of this problem. Within a week, drivers will alter their driving routes beyond the "official" detour. Naturally, that's good and bad, but it is to be expected.

The official detour map can be found by clicking here.

Further information will be posted at the Village's Construction Update page. -- Indeed, you might want to check out the map of ALL 2010 scheduled projects. Whitefish Bay will see the most construction in 2010 than in recent memory.


Green Day in the Bay was a success, even though for the third year running, Mother Nature did not cooperate and rained upon us. Gordy Lang has some pictures of the event here.

One blog commenter said they wouldn't participate because WFB was already clean. I picked up about a pound of garbage in the hour long cleanup. 32 teams, around 200 people = 200 pounds of garbage no longer on our streets. Not a tough call.

Thanks to Amy Lukas, Gwen Koscinski, and Bob Kuesel and the rest of the Whitefish Bay Civic Foundation for putting this event on every year.

.. Speaking of the CF, the WFB 4th of July parade is just two months away .. if you or your group would like to participate, click here for the parade form.


El Guapo's is having their "first annual" Cinco de Mayo festival next week.

May 5th - 6:30 - Man vs. Burrito and Taco Eating Contest - 7-9pm Live Music
May 6th & 7th, 7-10pm - Live Music
May 8th - Live Music at noon, and 6-8pm.

Take a look at EG's new website and details about the Cinco de Mayo week.

Has WFB ever had a taco eating contest? My guess is that this will be a historic event, with the winner being spoken about for years.


Finally, unless you've been attending WFB School Board meetings, or perhaps reading the YesYesProgress blog, you wouldn't know that an elected official, WFB School Board member Joe Martinelli resigned this month.

The School Board accepted his resignation at the April 14th meeting and later interviewed 3 residents who heard about the vacancy and applied.

On April 28th, the SB decided to select former School Board member Pam Woodard over the 3 who had been interviewed. (14 days from public notice to selection. Now that's what I call .. efficiency!)

One would assume that about 98% of the WFB electorate had no idea any of that happened because .. drum roll .. not one word was written in the newspaper. The only reason I knew was because I read the YesYes blog last week.

Nice going, Journal Sentinel/WhitefishBayNOW. Not that big a deal. Just the selection of an official that approves a $31 million budget accounting for most of the property tax bill. No one would care about that, right?

(Also, hey, what's the deal with 3 people interviewing for the School Board opening? Not three weeks ago, we had an election for two School Board seats, and could only scrape up two candidates to run unopposed.)

Read more at the YesYes Progress Blog:

School Board mulls whether to fill vacant seat

Pam Woodard returns to School Board

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