The Summer of Division

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You may have lived through the Summer of love. You may have watched the Summer of George. What will 2010 bring? If it's anything like the direction that the country has been going in the past year and a half, we are in for finger-pointing, name-calling, hate mongering and polarization.

Two years after looking for a new direction in the government, one that is more cohesive, cooperative and cordial, we have gotten just the opposite. We elected a president and Congress based on the promises that they are going to work together with the other party to get America on the right path. What a mistake that was. We elected a president and Congress that has been more divisive and more polarized and has let us in the wrong direction. Yet the speed to get in the wrong direction has picked up.

After spending ourselves into oblivion with social programs that have not spurred a visible economic recovery, a huge entitlement was passed exposing the worst methods of congressional deal making we have seen in a generation. Now, President Obama is planning a spring offensive in which he is going to be passing immigration reform and an energy bill affectionately known as Cap and Tax. It's as if the Obama administration is doing whatever they can to keep capitalists and business interests from reviving in this country.

Progressives and lefties alike are now spewing their biased hatred to people in the tea party movement. So who are the bigots? Lefties point their fingers at tea parties and called the group a bunch of racists. There are no rules that say that certain people cannot participate. Yet when a tea party group has people of African descent, those people are called out as uncle toms, Oreoes, etc. who is doing the name-calling here?

Progressives and lefties alike are writing letters to the editor of newspapers and posting their words in blogs calling the people in the tea parties as selfish. They only think of themselves because they don't want to pay taxes. I can't figure that one out. Why is it selfish that a person can accomplish something, earn money doing it and then is not allowed to reap what they have sown? Progressives think they are the only ones who have any sort of compassion for people. They think; you earned it, the government should take it and spend it as they see fit. Apparently people who earn money don't know how to give to charities according to the Progressives. They would only do it for the tax deduction. Well, if the tax deduction spurs the generosity to a charity, what's wrong with that?

Now there is even a populist revolt against illegal immigrants in this country. This is another indication of when you follow the rules, you are a sap. If you come here illegally, you should be able to participate in all the social programs, free health care, commit crimes and not be put in jail because he would be separated from your family. Progressives and liberals would be boo-hooing all over the place if a situation like that ever happened. If the federal government had any laws in place for how people should be immigrating to this country and had the courage to enforce such laws, it would be a different story.

Progressives and liberals believe it's okay to redistribute your wealth. If they're on the receiving end of social programs, it's okay to increase spending followed by higher taxes. But the Progressives don't have the fortitude to admit what they're program is really all about. It's not about helping the less fortunate-it's about redistributing the wealth. And whining to politicians has proven to be more effective than going out and doing what they need to do to make themselves an independent success.

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