Are Senate Repulicans as Mature as Fifth Grade Students --- Not So Much

Financial Regulatory Reform, Republican block debate, Republicans favor Wallstreet over Mainstreet

When it came to the Health Care Bill, the Senate Republicans did everything they could to stall or kill the measure. 

Some folks contended that the Republicans were doing that just because they would block Anything that Obama supports.

Republicans responded that was nonsense and that there were much more important matters that needed to be addressed, not the least of which was  Financial Regulatory Reform!

Maybe the Republican Senators actually believed that --- but by blocking debate on Financial Regulatory Reform yesterday, which they so solemnly said was sorely needed after the big bailouts for Wallstreet Firms such as Goldman & Sachs --- they have shown that they will try to block anything and everything that the Obama admistration supports --- even if it is something they themselves have been calling for.

Brings to mind the proverbial kid who takes his ball and bat home out of spite because he does not get his way playing with the other kids.

On Mainstreet they call such actions "High School" --- meaning that High Schoolers had not grown up and matured yet, and someone is acting immaturely.  But the Republicans actions so far have not yet reached the maturity level of even 5th graders!!!

It has been very obvious that the Republicans think that if they can just block Obama and Congress from doing the People's Work -- they will win back the majority in November.

On the Healthcare iniative, there was enough room for debate to maybe give them the benefit of the doubt.

But with their blocking of Financial Regulatory Reform yesterday, that course of action is going to help keep them in the minority.

The Folks on Mainstreet are not that dumb --- why in the world would they reward the Republicans for favoring Wallstreet's interests over Mainstreet's needs.

Every person who lost money in their pension account, or lost their job from the shaky economy, or lost 30% of their house's value is not going to forget that the Republicans yesterday blocked the debate needed to keep Wallstreet from manipulating the markets and the economy in the future.

I believe that in November, the voters WILL remember that the Republicans choose Wallstreet over Mainstreet --- and they will vote the Rascals Out!


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