They Would Be Saying Thank You

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In a recent speech, President Barack Obama once again demonstrated how arrogant and out of touch he is with mainstream America. It was also a very poor attempt at humor. It was not funny. He was speaking to a lefty group of core constituents who are probably in the 47% of America that does not pay taxes and can't get enough of a "stick it to the rich"attitude.

What is a joke is the fact that President Obama believes he can continue his progressive agenda by imposing more regulation and higher taxes on the American people. The tough fighting ahead and order to make a bunch of backroom deals and arm-twisting with health care reform bill along with his dwindling poll numbers, you'd think that President Obama would take a step back and perhaps listen to his constituency -- the American people.

How can President Obama expect people to say thank you when buying next year, a whole new round of higher taxes is going to be implemented on the American people. Paying for $1 trillion health care bill involves 10 years of taxes and six years of benefits. When are they taxes supposed to begin? What taxes are going to be imposed on insurance companies and other methods of disguising the taxes so that people don't believe that they're actually being raised. But they will be paying for them and that's the same as raising taxes.

President Obama is also shifting his rhetoric to saying that he is not raising income taxes on the middle class. He used to say that he is not raising taxes on the middle class. Now it's becoming conditional. This is similar to what Jim Doyle was saying in Wisconsin. But he can balance the budget without raising taxes. Now he can balance the budget without raising income taxes on the lower third of wage owners. Boy, that's some real honesty.

Financial reform is going to be paid for by fees imposed on banks. Where's that money coming from? Out of the sky? Out of bank's profits?'Out of executive bonuses? Were all could be paying more yet we're afraid to call it a tax increase. That is some real integrity.

The election this November looks like it can be a tidal shift from Democrats to Republicans. But that's if the Republicans can get their act together and keep it together. The tea party movement should not be dismissed. People are taxed enough already. It's time to stop spending. People are getting tired of tax increases at every level of government. Can you hear us Washington? It's time to stop spending.

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