Shorewood school enrollment.

Down-sizing our schools.



Early in the morning looking out the window onto this small inland lake, I saw two ducks paddling in my direction but as they came very near the shore they diverted their direction and now swam toward their real objective, their nest of eggs.


This last maneuver was of course in the interest of the next generation, so that the location of the eggs would not be easily discernible and so as not to place the eggs in danger.


A natural event of this type would of course divert my attention to the thoughts that I've already been developing about our next generation here in Shorewood.


I don't have all the details, but usually no one has.   But it seems that as a school district, we in Shorewood are going to have to divert direction as well, approaching our true objective.


Had I just been elected to the school board, I woudn't have any more details than I do now, therefore in this new situation, could I make any suggestions?  Being free of these responsibilities, I'm in the position to make any suggestion. Why not?


Given this freedom, I want to start by saying that I've been given to believe that the enrollment of our schools has been declining because we have fewer children living in our village.


It is not likely that we are going to have a larger number on average within the next decade. So it seems that because of the loss of State and Federal aid based on number of children, that we are not going to afford our present system.


So if we we're going to start a new school system today, what would we place in the new system considering our present situation?


As we stand away somewhat, let's look at our present enrollments and determine what we can afford. What are the elements that we want to keep or that we would want to add, if we could afford them.


So let's see what the basics are and that can fit into our budget and develop an optimum size including the best of elements within that framework.


The rest we may have to place price tags on and give them priorities and perhaps place them in a package for a voluntary funding system that we could create and actively work with.


So (A) our new school system would be based on our present enrollment expectations and we'd have to build on that.


(B), we could also then rationalize the building space that we have and even find means for deriving revenue from school district-owned land and through modification of some of our buildings.


As we can see, these thoughts seem to have been developing even before I saw those ducks swimming in my direction and then quickly changing direction.


But it was they that gave me the basis to talk about them and tie them into our school system with thoughts of changing direction.


Maybe now the school board also has the basis for coming to grips with these ideas. And perhaps now we can talk about those crazy duck maneuvers and what they've got to do with our schools. 


Here we have the basis for discussion.  It might produce something we have not thought of before. 

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