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When health care reform monstrosity was passed, President Barack Obama drew a conclusion that the American people would suddenly begin to like it once they saw what was in it. According to recent polls, more than half of the citizens in America statistically, still oppose this bill and they do not like it.

President Obama's plans for the summer include touring the country and stopping off in Democratic districts with the need to continue to sell this bill to the American people. We still don't like it.

At a recent town hall in Charlotte North Carolina, a woman in the audience asked the president whether it was a good idea to raise taxes. She thought she was taxed too much already. She obviously must've been one of those radicals from the tea party movement. How was she allowed in? Getting back to my original point, on how the president would respond to the question from a citizen who knew that they were taxed too much already-President Obama could not let this go by with a simple yes answer. He thinks it is a good idea even though we are taxed too much already.

President Obama is not used to being challenged on his idea of how America should be transformed. And so, to discourage others from asking a similar question, the president went on to Bramble practically incoherently for 17 minutes. He went on to make a metaphor about a house with a roof on top, and the roof had a hole in it, and some of the people inside were cold while others who were not underneath the hole in the roof were warm and cozy. The people who were warm and cozy yet to pay to get the roof repaired so every one inside the house was not happy. What kind of analogy was that? You take away Obama's Teleprompter and he can barely grunt out a sentence. He certainly can't think on his feet, and if he does, he talks to the citizens of the American people like they're stupid children.

It's no wonder that the president will not have any more press conferences especially after last summer when he stuck his foot in his mouth criticizing the Cambridge police before he had all the facts. In Charlotte, Obama just wanted to stupefy the audience so that they would not ask any more questions because of his boring rhetoric and inability to make a case for his position does not come through well. Whatever happened to all of the eloquence that Mister Obama was always credited as having? People used to fawn all over themselves because he could make a great speech. Well, I guess he can only make a great speech when it is prepared for them and placed on the Teleprompter. Speaking extemporaneously is not his forte.

Then, on opening day, the president usually throws out the first ball. Having skipped last year's first pitch, Obama had to make an appearance this year. Well, he appeared at a Nationals game. Wearing a Nationals jacket, Barry pulls out a Chicago White Sox. He thought it was funny. I wasn't there. Then, up in the booth, an announcer is talking with the president. Barry says that he is a big White Sox fan and a Chicago south side kid. Naturally, the announcer asks who Obama liked from the White Sox as a kid. Then, Barry stammers, stutters, and grunts for about three minutes unable to come up with a name. He then goes on to say that he likes the Cubs too.

Well, not being a big sports fan, I don't fault the president for not knowing a lot about sports. I prefer his area of expertise to be in government, economics, and international relations. If he had expertise in any of these areas, I would feel somewhat confident even if he didn't know anything about baseball. However, here's where the double standard comes in: if Sarah Palen had been asked a baseball question and gave the same type of non answer, she would be ridiculed on network news until September. David Letterman would be repeating this incident until the first of the year. George Bush would not be able to live that down either. So why do we keep giving a pass to Obama? Is it that hard to be objective?

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