A Partisan Politician

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Two years ago, the United States began looking for ways to become less polarized politically. Dissatisfied with the policies of the Bush administration, we sought a new beginning. Whether or not we had one, we did not go in the correct direction. We elected a president who campaigned on the promise of bringing people together. In debates, candidate Barack Obama touted his talent of having the ability to bring people who disagreed together. Since becoming president, President Obama has done the opposite. He has continued the polarization of political ideologies in this country. We have become less united.

After passing a boondoggle of a health care reform bill, President Obama has taunted the citizens of this country to be calm and stay more divided. After passing this train wreck of a bill, one would think the president of the United States would try to reach out to the people who disagreed with him and tried to bring them into the fold. But, Obama has done the opposite. Obama's idea of bringing people together is to forget your own ideas, and come over to his side. Oh yes, and don't forget to buy into all of the lies and misleading statements that the administration is trying to sell us.

The Obama administration has absolutely no intention of making anything in the future bipartisan. The progressives all think they are correct. And if you disagree with them-it's because you're stupid. After a year and a half of trying to force the healthcare bill down our throats, the Democrats have figured out a way to pass more of their agenda. Or have they? Now that President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid have figured out a way to force builds through the Congress that the American people don't like, they only have five more months to do so. At the end of August, Congress will recess until the election. Will it be a realigning election? There are no certainties.

The Republicans do have an opportunity to take over of both houses of Congress and perhaps steer the country back on the right direction. Or, perhaps as close as the right direction we can get in until 2012 when we elect a new president. But, Republicans have to have ideas. They have to be able to stand up for fiscal responsibility and low taxes and then be able to deliver. Otherwise we will have the same choices that we have had in the past -- one side that wants to tax and spend and another side that only wants to spend.

America is once again at a crossroads for this election year. It is the most important election, well, since the last one. We saw the mistakes we made and found out that the elections do have consequences. The election this November will also have consequences. This time I hope we have the correct candidates that will be electable and follow through on the promises and ideas that will get them elected. Otherwise we'll be in the same mess we're in for at least another two years. This country cannot afford that. That taxpayers cannot afford it.

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