We are at work, shaping, and at "becoming a humanity."

Humanity. The making of humanity.

A poem:

It is the human brain reaching out beyond what makes mere existence,


It is the human mind that can even examine itself.


And it is the human intellect that takes each human individual beyond self.


And considering each human being as one of the collective elements, as entities that drive us toward one totality, humanity.



Our technologies are the result of collective knowledge and of our total humanity.


Individuals spike up here and there but build on all that came before.


Humanity is all that came before, consisting of both our animal natures and the thoughts that make us who we are at a time that we are aware.



Yet within what we would make of our humanity is our tendency toward flaking off into separate groups and raising ourselves above other groups.


Inclined toward superiority, toward wars thought necessary to prove that superiority.


Our group difference then begin to overwhelm our total similarities.



As individuals we are torn from whom we are and “who we could become.”


This by the social structures that manage all of us instead of each of us.


Where each could become an image of what “we could become.”



We are torn away from “becoming” by the very institutions meant to guide us and managed by those who become the unselected managers of society.


Even democracy, a concept that declares us free and equal, the commandments of our gods, is demanding of loyalty to the pillars of governance.


Do we individualize that humanity, becoming billionaires and instead pull apart that humanity that we seek?


Do we instead and gradually become chained to the collective commandments of rule rather than allowing ourselves to fly toward a collective freedom?


Do we institute schools that teach the techniques of becoming individual  billionaires?


Humanity is that work, a work toward collective freedom, all the elements meant for giving are contained in those forces of becoming a humanity.



Therefore our lives are dedicated to becoming.  Generation after generation we are becoming.


Our humanity is within that that we would become.


Our intellect shapes our mentality toward a becoming humanity,


And we attempt to drag ourselves away from the mistakes of the past, from  the greed and from the governance of individual entitlements.


We pull at our distructive natures.  We try to undo all efforts toward nuclear annhilation. 

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