Sore Winners

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Having rammed down our throats the health care reform bill, the Democrats and progressives are now in a position to recoil and continue to force the progressive agenda on the American people whether they want it or not. Recent polls have shown that they do not. The Democrats who only listen to their own rhetoric believe the American people want higher taxes and want more regulation. More entitlements and more government handouts are in the future of people and all you have to do to get this is the underachiever and sell yourself short.

Once an entitlement is given to the American people, there is seldom any turning back. The progressives know this and are using this to do and "in your face" type of campaign to give themselves credit for doing something historic. Accelerating the bankruptcy of the country is historic, I'll agree with that. Shutting down the opposition has replaced meaningful debate.

Recent letters to the editors of liberal newspapers have been focusing more on writers who want to discredit Republicans like Paul Ryan and refute the entire tea party movement. The liberal media is painting the Republicans as instigators of violence at a time when it is convenient for them -- right after passing this un-popular bill. Democrats are exploiting threats of violence and running them in tandem with the manipulation of Sarah Palin. If Republicans get death threats, it's business as usual -- it goes with the territory of being a politician. If Democrats get death threats, it's immediately skewed as being a originated with the tea party movement. Even if it's union members threatening Democrats who have voted against the health-care bill. It's all political.

Now that the Democrats have figured out a way to pass unpopular legislation against the will of the people in America, more legislation with the underlying intent of redistributing wealth may be on its way. Financial reform legislation is being planned that will give the administration power over any business in the financial industry. Hardly anyone in the administration has any business experience at all. They just want the government to take over everything. I don't know if anyone knows what's going on with the plans for immigration reform. One thing that is evident, the administration is certainly not focusing on creating jobs or reviving the economy. Any recovery that may come is going to be reduced greatly by the administration's lust for a socialist economy.

We are a little less free than we were last week. And it's not because we decided to buy insurance for all children with pre-existing conditions. We are less free because the progressives have found a way to pass legislation to redistribute the wealth of the people who earn it. We are less free because the progressives are trying to lie to us thinking that we have gotten a free lunch by granting ourselves a huge new entitlement. We are less free because the Congress has refused to listen to the citizens that it supposedly represents.

America has been headed in the wrong direction for the past year and a half. It stepped on the accelerator last week. Perhaps America will one day again reclaim her greatness. But from what we have seen in the past few weeks, it is going to take at least one year, perhaps longer. And it is going to take a new administration.

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