Words are not perfect.

Words. Their use. Words are not perfect.



It is well known.”


The American people know.”   

(These two expressions are often used by politicians.  How do we know that it is well known or that the American people know?).



Of course.”


It's a fact.”  

(These are words expressing positive knowledge, knowledge or not, they give a positive  perspective).



The people know.


We know.


Our group knows.


It's in the Bible.


It's in the Constitution.


It's in the amendments.


It's in the written word.    (All supplement our supposed knowledge and wisdom).



Our nation, our country, our people our church.


The Constitution is sacred to us.


It was made more perfect through the first ten amendments.    (Words of self love, love for what we are).



Many of the people who contributed to the Constitution owned slaves.


They wanted to count slaves to increase their individual state's power of representation.


But slaves were not total persons, each was only 3/5, better than a half.


Jefferson was married to a 3/5 slave, 100% woman.   (These lines proclaim that all is not well in heaven and some of  these were disturbing points that gave seed to the civil war).



Our nation at birth was only 13 states. How many states at the time of the Civil War?


It had grown by another 20.


Did this growth corrupt the meaning of what America was?  (It required a civil war for a purifying answer).



How did the meaning of the people, freedom and equality thrive?   (War certainly shook things up).



All of our heritage explained in the mystery we hold in words, words in the Bible in the Constitution, in the wisdom within the writings and still within the emotions of North and South when it comes to the United States.


Words both explain and confuse. But words are what we are.   ( And like us, words are not perfect).

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