Word and mind. What is man without word?

Word. Mind. Thought. Communication. Evolution. Humanity.



Words were created by the human mind.


The human mind has been in regular and constant evolution for thousands of years. Words contributed and continue to contribute to evolution of the modern human mentality.


Words have meaning. In fact a word has several meanings and within varying settings, thousands and thousands of meanings.


Words are modified by other words. In combination they are not only the result of thought but become the cause of thought.


They not only help our eyes to see and our ears to hear but direct us as to what to see and what to hear and even describe what enters the mind and convert and interpret their meaning.


As the number of words grow, so does the brain. Then the growing brain becomes more receptive to both old and new words. New words and the meanings of old ones are in constant development.


Words are the fuel of thought of intellect and of intellectualism.


In the past words were expressed and could be used to express thought only through the spoken word and best by wise men.


Words fed the brain and became an organic part of it.


Memory of words also became important and those wise men with memory became more important as they began giving purpose to human existence and to recall experiences that could be applied to the problems of the present and even of the future.


The word “future,” once invented gave new meaning to present, speakable meaning.


We could with these words both individually and as groups wonder as to where we came from and where we were going and express these thoughts.


These words and their meanings and the speculations that they made possible in individual and collective human minds gave progress not only to human thought but to our way of life.


Once we learned to chisel words in stone, it seemed that they would be there, cut in stone forever.


Writing became the greatest of our evolutionary steps until recent times. There were those who could speak brilliantly, write the word and who could read the word. The word took on a mystery and a power of its own, the power of the word.


Just as we could think of present and future and communicate our thoughts of these subjects and of thought that revolved around them, we could also use words to describe our speculations about these and many other things.


Our minds could now take us beyond thought of mere existence and the necessities of existence. Mankind not only had the ability to think but to think in many ways beyond that of other mammals or other organisms.


We modified our words to express new thoughts and were able to have more thoughts with word modifications.


Today, I don't need a chisel to cut them into stone nor do I need a pen for writing. I have the means to place them on an electronic screen then transfer them to your screen in a matter of moments, almost instantly.


Many now have that ability at hand.


Once those with the ability to communicate with words were known as wise men. Today almost everyone is given the opportunity to share in the evolution of words and to communicate.


Which are the wise men and which are not.  Not all communication can be removed nor separated from emotion.  It leaves each of us to make decisions. 


Some emotions can instantly return us to our original animal natures, now accompanied with our instant ability to communicate.  And to communicate what?

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