Get pulled over on the wrong side of the street and you may be in jail without a chance to post bail !

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In a continuation of the series I am doing on the phone policies of the Milwaukee County Jail and of the various police departments in Milwaukee County.

I have established a big disparity between your chances of going to jail if you are pulled over on a traffic stop and there is a warrant for your arrest out there, depending upon whether the MIlwaukee Police pull you over, or one of the suburban departments pull you over.

We are not talking about hardened criminals who have just robbed a bank, or someone who is wanted for felony battery ......... if you forgot to return that book to the library, you may be surprised to find there is a warrant for your arrest for past library fines.  And that is not a joke --- it happens all the time !!!

In previous postings I established that all of the North Shore Police Departments allow arrestees to make phone calls, before carting them off to jail.  For one very good reason, the police would rather see someone post bail than have to send one of their officers all the way to the jail, and have the officer tied up for hours in transport and processing. 

It is also a good component of "community policing" when citizens do not feel that they are being exploited for the want of a phone call.

In continuing correspondence with Anne E Schwartz, the spokesperson for the Milwaukee Police Department, I received the following confirmation about a particular case I wrote her about:

(please note I have not used the arrestee's name for privacy, and there is some confusion as to exactly what the warrants were, although all of them were for money due, and only required a collection of less than $900 ......... he ended up in jail for 5 days before any of his friends or family knew since he could not make a phone call)

"Hello, Dave -

It has been our practice not to give arrestees a phone call if they are not going to be in our custody for a substantial length of time - if the transfer is to be to another agency.

In Mr. xxxxx's  case, he was transferred to the custody of the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, and you may want to direct your question to them. He was stopped for a vehicle registration violation and subsequently was arrested for outstanding warrants -  ............ He was in our custody at District 2 for less than 3 hours.

Regarding phone calls from the CJF, we can not address what procedures are followed by another agency.

Anne E. Schwartz

Office of Media & Communications

Milwaukee Police Department"

I am continuing my correspondence with Ms Schwartz, and I am hoping I can interview Chief of Police Flynn on this topic.

I have also been in communication with Captain Aisha Barkow, of the Milwaukee Sheriff's Department, and I am awaiting her reply on the policy at the jail and the house of correction.


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