New redevelopment approaches?

Redevelopment. Sustained redevelopment. New perspectives.

New and old concepts. 


My economic studies of Shorewood are beginning to produce some new economic perspectives, theories and concepts of what I'm referring to as steady-state redevelopment.


These observations now make it possible to devise some new approaches to the planned processes of redevelopment.


What can now be more easily defined, should be of interest to those serving on our Village Board and eventually to those on the School Board and to those seeking election to these boards.


An extended summary, perhaps not of interest to common everyday readers will soon be distributed to some in the community.


Those interested in understanding the dynamic nature of our local economy, economic geek-types may even be interested in participating in the development of the theory and in determining its application.


A theory for Value increase by Appropriate Land Utilization, (VALU) seems to be presenting itself as this study progresses and it may be of use in considering some new and more built-in methods for redevelopment.


Those interested in what is fundamental to Shorewood's economy might even want to participate in considering the theory's general overall implications.  Mere discussion of the underlying elements may lead to new thought and the development of what we might later want to refer to as the “Shorewood method.”


Here is an example of an “unrecognized” or at least an unspoken precept:   all the land within Shorewood's boundaries is community-controlled, if not in effect, community-owned and forms the basis of Shorewood's economy.


My questions have led to these now more defined conclusions. And if Shorewood's economy does not function as a jobs producer nor is its vitality based on its industrial enterprises, what is the basis of its economy?


I'll be in touch.

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