A Little More Government

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Well, they did it. Congress has shoved the helathcare reform bill down our throats. And now, after a year of talking points, misdirection, outright lies, etc., it is being followed up by a bunch of statements that have just about the same degree of sincerity. President Obama came out and said that he followed the will of the people. Even the most liberal polls showed opposition greater than 50%. He said Congress pushed back on the interests of the special interest groups. While demonizing the insurance companies, the administration cut deals with the unions, pharmaceuticals and the AMA. He said the process rose above politics. Nothing could be further from the truth. This process was all about politics. Just take a look at all the backroom deals, arm-twisting, bribes and vote buying that was needed just to get to 216 votes. Even the pro-lifers sold out for a sheet of paper signed by the president. But that's still better than the deal Wisconsin gets-all the Wisconsin Democrats in Congress gladly donated their vote for nothing in return. That's the deal we get here in Wisconsin -- nothing.

Now that this legislation is passed, what's next? Will President Obama will be touring the country with the remainder of the stimulus money gladly depositing it in only 219 Congressional districts. That sure sounds like rising above politics to me.

Only a few short years ago, liberals in Congress were all up in arms over the patriot act. They were using their fear mongering tactics saying that people were losing their civil liberties by giving the CIA authority to listen in on phone conversations by suspected terrorists. What happens after the healthcare passage? We all lose a little more of our freedom. We all have more government in our lives. And of course, we will all be chipping in more money to the federal government. The Democrat math tells us that we have to spend $1 trillion to save 118 billion. Why couldn't they just raised taxes $118 billion? It would be a little simpler and a bit less intrusive.

But the people in possession of common sense can figure out that any savings is offset by a doctor fix which was taken out of healthcare reform. The doctor fix was deemed not part of healthcare reform. However, student loan reform was part of healthcare reform. Go figure.

This step in the right direction is actually a step in the left direction. By not listening to America Congress has put itself in charge of creating a nanny state where more people need to be dependent upon the federal government. A new entitlement has been thrown our way. Gone are the days when we seek great achievements from ourselves because we believed that we were born equal and have an opportunity to do what we can with what life has given us. We are being asked to trade that when government takes what life has given us so that we may have equality of outcome.

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