Time for Barry to Shut Up

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The last week, President Barack Obama said that all the arguments have been made, everything has been said, and it is time to vote on the healthcare bill. Yet, since he has said that, he has not stopped making speeches and jaunting around the country giving Democrats rides in Air Force One in order to help them make up their mind on how to vote on the healthcare bill currently going through Congress. President Obama said he wanted an upper bound vote. Well, the way that the votes are tallying up, the total equals down.

The Democrats knowing that they do not have the votes in the House of Representatives are now pulling out every trick they can find it in order to pass this by whatever means they can get away with. Because there are not enough votes in the House of Representatives, they are now going to pass it without even voting on it. This is the epitome of moral bankruptcy for Congress.

If the majority of Americans want this healthcare reform, why is there so much opposition to it? Evidently the lefty liberals and progressives who claim that they have read the bill and support it, are just plain ignorant. The Democrats claim that this bill will cover more people, reduce costs, lower premiums, increase coverage, and reduce the deficit. There is just no downside to this. It's just too bad for the Democrats at the American people know that all these things cannot be done at once. I guess that's why they collect taxes for 10 years and only disperse benefits for 5 1/2.

Obama always seems to find a letter writer who claims to have fallen ill and either can't afford health insurance or medicine, or they have to stop buying food and housing for themselves and their families. After a quick check of the facts, even those in the media find that these stories are not as extreme as Obama wants you to believe. However if they were that sick, under Obama care they would have to wait four years for benefits and would probably die anyway. I hope that letter writer in Ohio has her affairs in order while waiting for Obamacare to take effect.

What about the historical significance of the bill? Don't the Democrats want to correct that? What about the importance of what they are doing? Who's lacking the courage here? The Democrats are being a bunch of cowards hiding behind their vote. They are supposed to vote for the Senate bill, pass it to the president for his signature, and then pass additional bills to correct what's wrong with this one. Are we supposed to trust Congress with this? Sounds like a giant leap of faith to me.

The Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress are also claiming to be the most transparent and ethical congress that ever was. Yet they are pulling every trick in the book in order to pass this without even voting on it. President Obama has said that he is looking for the people in Congress to have the courage to pass this bill. It also takes courage to wrestle a grizzly bear. But isn't the wisest decision to do so? It's time for President Obama to ponder a new concept-especially for him. The word is integrity.

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