Community building as a community venture.

Land values. Significance of community land values.



As I've indicated in my previous posting and I do not want it to go unnoticed, I congratulate all involved in our Community Development projects over the years and the obvious leaders who have guided the evolution of the processes and policies that have got us to this highly advanced stage.


After going back and reviewing the pressures on land values throughout the world and reading and re-reading theories and practices and suggested policies for handling this great resource, “community land” that is a resource that is “of the community,” I've wondered as to how “community land” can be used in carrying some of the significant costs of “community building,”


I've begun to develop that notion in my thinking and to direct it in creative ways that the concept of “community land” can be applied here in our community, here in Shorewood, where it would eventually become an example.


We can through our redevelopment projects and through a process of land leasing gain from the “productive long-term benefits”of the land that we are developing.


Starting with the knowledge that as a community, Shorewood's “buildable” space is confined to the land located within our community limits, we must accept the fact that one of the basic reasons for its increasing value is its limited supply.

Although there are other reasons as well, it is a special and precious community commodity.  We cannot dispose of it without careful thought as to how it is presently being used or going to be used and its importance as a future “community resource.”


I would now appeal to those of the community interested in the “productive long-term benefits” of “community land” and in “community building,” those already within the process of community redevelopment to give attention to “community land,” that is, all of our buildable space and as to the best ways for giving more force to our sustainable community.


It would seem that there is a stronger and a greater significance in Community Development than there is in merely making it easier to develop land for its short term benefits, merely for the tax revenue it presently produces. 


I've been involved in this traditional thinking even as a professional. And perhaps even though I've had some of these thoughts earlier, “community land” has now, only recently become a more clearly significant element of my thinking.


Therefore, I would like to recruit everyone in our community to come up with their own thoughts as to how we can preserve this precious asset.


I could create some ways and shall do so as time permits but the understanding of “community land” and “community building” should become a community venture. I would like to see the community react to any of my concepts in the future just as I would like to react to your ideas.

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