Pre-Spring Cleaning

CDA, Silver Spring

Haven't blogged in quite some time.  No particular reason, but mostly I haven't been inspired, letting the blog wither on the vine. 


Peabody's is closing on Silver Spring and moving to Brown Deer by the end of May.  No word on what might replace their large footprint.

I visited Sport n' Cuts, which opened at the end of February next to What's Poppin'.

Honestly, the interior is spectacular.  The barber chairs alone are incredible .. looks like they've been ripped out of a Rolls Royce, with tight black leather and burlwood arms.  Each barber station has its own TV.

Customers receive a complimentary soda/coffee, and popcorn while they wait.  They can play a game of pool on the table in the back.  

The men's haircut is $24.95, which includes hot towels & massage.   They are running a welcome-to-the block special, so tell 'em you read this on the blog, and they'll knock $5 off your first cut.

Interestingly .. the price for kids is $14.95 .. which is competes with Just Kidding's $19.50 cut. 

A couple other Village Hall items:

The CDA meets tonight (March 10, 7pm) to discuss 3 interesting items:

  • A "Presentation by business potentially interested in property on the north side of Silver Spring between Lydell and Bay Ridge."  -- That's the Bailey Law Office building and its parking lot.  
  • Discussion on changing WFB's sign codes.  At the Trustee level, we've seen some high-level suggestions for altering the sign code, of which, dozens (yes, dozens) of merchants are afoul, some of whom have been issued municipal late fees of over $30k last year for their violations.  The WFB BID and Building Inspector will present suggestions to relax some of the more onerous codes.
  • The CDA will also look at the possibility of allowing an antenna pole in the municipal parking lot behind the Fox-Bay.  These cell phone/internet towers are a giant source of revenue for the Village, with expected cash flow of $100k/year.

    For some context on what $100k means to the Village .. we're always interested in development, right?  With the Village's mill rate of $5.04, erecting a tower that generates $100k per year is the equivalent of having a $19.8m building constructed -- or fifty $400k new houses built.

    The price to pay for that revenue is that this "monopole" will tower over Silver Spring, clearly visible for blocks.   Will we get used to it?  Maybe.   

    On the other hand, hello 5-bars on your cell phone. 

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