Not even our dreams are perfect.

Government. Dreams of freedom and equality Minimal government. Of the people.



Free and equal.


The government that we want is of course, preferably “of the people” as the notion was gifted us by Abraham Lincoln.


But after Lincoln, government unfortunately even government “by the people” was not attainable. And therefore, government is only realizable at best, “for the people.”


Does for the people then mean directed toward the interest of the people. Are the people, now the recipients of the gift of government that gifts its people?


We then have a transformation of government “of the people” to “government by the government,” for the people and in some countries where it becomes clearly the People's Government, where it usually exists as a severe form of dictatorship operating in its own interpretation of what is in the interest of the people.


What wonderful documents, giving expression to the desires and dreams of free people, the declaration of independence and the constitution. And those founding fathers and men like Lincoln adding to the human inspiration of human governance without government or with minimal authority over the people.


Humanity will over centuries struggle with these dreams of freedom and equality and with minimal authority over human life, in reality, we are deprived of these almost achievable dreams and shall always be until perhaps when humanity itself becomes part of that dream.


Today nations create governments where they become supervisors over steady and constant genocide, the killing of their own and that instead of serving to provide freedom and equality, government prefers to make and manage war and maintain conditions of poverty.


We the government and we the people leave many within our own nations to go without the means for existence, without shelter, water and food and the care that gives vitality to the human existence and human honor.


Here reality strikes a clear contrast with those grand dreams.


Our intolerance toward government is understood in reality let alone in relation to the freedom dreams of an evolving humanity.


If we were to gain this grand freedom, would there be any long lived joy except for the moment. Would we raise our children in absolute freedom, the freedom that they cry for?


Neither nature nor the governance that human beings require in order to survive is going to be all that we dream of. Here usually when we come to this point in these kind of thoughts, they are usually punctuated with the term “nothing is perfect.”


Perhaps nothing is perfect even to the realist aiming at perfection, but then we might say that not even our dreams are perfect.

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