Public schools and the older adult. (State representative, please read).

Seniors as enrollees in the public school system. State aid for seniors in school.


Creative writing, art, recreation and the older adult in the public school system.


Perhaps the best way for School Districts such as ours here in Shorewood that need to increase their enrollment numbers is to include older adults of their communities in programs that would qualify them as enrolled students, making the district eligible for state aid.


Of course, this would require State involvement and a amendment to our present law. Our school district has already begun to provide some of these programs for older adults but we have not come to the stage, where we could attain state aid for adult enrollment.


Here again, tax-paying older adults could make further additional contributions not only by living here in Shorewood, as they continue to pay school taxes but do not send children to school but we could by a thoughtfully created program bring further state aid as older adults enroll in school.


Of course, this would have to be a state wide program and there are many ways, in the long run that adults can make contribution to students' education as well.  I'd like to begin focusing some of my time on bringing the state into creative retirement projects.   


Therefore, I'm calling on our state representative's office to begin thinking about this aspect of education in this state.   we need some discussion on how to help determine the feasibility of this proposal.


This is my first shot at this. Where do I go from here?  Let's see what develops in the coming days and let's see what kind of moves we have to take to move this idea along.


I'm just setting this out here and making it public and let's see what the reactions are. How about some reactions. 

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