You Are Overpaid!

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Are you looking for a new avenue to relieve yourself of the overabundance of money that you would have in your pockets? Are you tired of going to work in bringing home a paycheck that covers your day-to-day spending and may even allow you to have a large screen TV in your home or a new car in your driveway? It's time that we come to terms with our selfishness that has rubbed off on us from those greedy years that the United States experienced back when George Bush was president.

If you're having a hard time trying to figure out what to do with approximately half of your income, the government will solve that problem for you. Tax increases are coming. Tax increases are coming from every level of government. If you've had no tax increase or even just a small tax increase, the government is going to help you make up for that. They're all up going to raise taxes.

On the national scene, Congress is trying its hardest to raise your taxes. Pushing the number one priority, jobs, to the side, President Obama in Congress are focusing almost single-mindedly on health care reform. And this is supposed to do everything at once. It is supposed to provide free health care, give better insurance, hold down costs, and reduce the deficit. We have already seen that it can only do that by providing 10 years of taxes for five years of benefits. Some savings.

Cap and Trade is another method that the federal government wants to revive in order to squeeze more tax money into the federal coffers. It does nothing to curb pollution or cut greenhouse gases, but it is a feel-good measure for all the lefties out there to think that they're doing something that makes a difference. The only difference is the amount that consumers will be paying for utilities and energy. The cost of gas and electricity will probably triple but because it's not a direct tax, the Democrats think are getting away with something.

Locally, the state legislature is happily passing through an increase in the sales tax in Milwaukee County. Again this is being sold as help to the poor. This increase in the sales taxes meant to fund public transportation for buses and a new train that a bunch of lefties believe is needed for the county. It's a good thing that all the poor people live in walking distance from the train station.

People have been complaining about the poor shape of the parks in this county also. The government needs more money to get the parks back in shape. Yet, after I'm convinced that the parks are very poor shape, it gets announced that they have won an award for beautification of the parks. So which is it? Are they in good shape or bad? Someone needs to make up their mind.

Scott Walker is also being demonized for furloughs and layoffs. He is one of the few politicians that does not stand up and raise taxes at every turn. Even with the majority of the county board behind the idea of raising taxes, Walker refuses. The problem in Milwaukee County is not that were taxed too little, it is that 10 years ago the county Board of Supervisors at the time decided to enact a generous retirement plan that would create millionaires out of bureaucrats. Being that no one can right this wrong, the only thing left to do is to cut jobs today. The blame should not go with Scott Walker's policy, but it should be blamed on the previous administration. That line of thinking seems to work for Obama.

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