Freedom and the inspiration toward eqaulity.

Freedom and equality. What does equality mean? Is eqaulity an unattainable inspiration?

Does freedom contain the meaning of equality. 


America has been an inspiration to peoples all over the world. It is a place of freedom and equality.


A place where the poor can have what the rich can have. It is a place where everyone can become rich.


Of course, there is no such place on earth. No place where everyone living there is rich and equally rich. Is there a place where everyone can become rich?


Perhaps in a place where the poor have nothing, to have something, is in itself, on the way to becoming rich. Then how rich is mere survival?


To live where one can eat on a regular basis and have access to water amounts to basic survival. Yet there are places on this earth where many cannot eat on a regular basis nor drink water the will not eventual destroy them.


These people cannot think beyond day to day survival, let alone riches. Food and water there becomes a form of richness.


But America is a rich country, where most people can eat on a regular basis and where there is plenty of drinking water. We can eat too much and become sick from that. We even sweeten our water and we can become sick from that.


Beyond water and food, is the need for a place to live, a house. Many living here do not have a house in which to live on a regular basis. Some even share a bed for a portion of the day. Some live without a house or bed.


Usually those who have houses and beds, food and water work and earn money to pay for these basic essentials. Often these people are seen as having a work ethic. Work ethic as applied means that people within a society know that they must work to earn money so that they can pay for the essentials of life.


This does not mean that with work comes freedom and equality.  With only a work ethic, one must work and work and therefore there is little time for freedom, time is only for work.


Even people who work sometimes get sick. There is no time for many of these people to get sick for they must work. If one works less, there is less food and a place to live becomes more problematic.


There is no insurance against getting sick.


Yet some who get sick get sick-pay as they recover and some get to see doctors. This is much better than living somewhere in the world where food and water are not readily available.


Some that get sick-pay usually have some education.   Education is like water, it is just to go to the fountain and get some education.  But getting education doesn't pay off right away, like getting food and water does.


America is a place of freedom and equality. Freedom comes easier than equality. Those people who seem to be equal get equal education as regularly as they get food and water and a place to stay. For these people the question is how much education and how much to pay for it.


Work ethic helps some, it is the fuel that drives workers toward attaining money and perhaps attaining education, more likely for their children and that moves many in the direction of getting rich.


Most of these people do not get rich.  They become the separating layer protecting the rich against the poor.  They are the middle class.


To some, becoming middle class is richness, it is freedom and perhaps even a form of equality.


America is an inspiration for many people throughout the world and for Americans themselves, this is still a place of freedom with inspiration toward equality.


But equality is not that easily attainable in concept nor in reality.  Perhaps the word equality has no real meaning, it only has spiritual significance, it's an human inspiration.  What does equality mean to people who need food and water?


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