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Community development. Commercial development. Improve tax base. Local social objectives.

Facts or illusion.


Shorewood's residential property, the most significant of Shorewood's land uses and the largest proportion of our tax base is increasing in magnitude as a function of the market, while it would seem then that commercial use, a much lesser element of the tax base would be decreasing as part of the total tax base modification, also as a function of the market..


According to land value trends in Shorewood, the square footage value of commercial land should be increasing in reverse ratio to the actual value of existing buildings on each of the sites.


This overall information is going to be somewhat difficult to attain because a good portion of these new commercial developments include residences. A careful and delicate approach to attaining these facts can however produce usable information.


As an aside, in addition to Village subsidies, it seems that little if any new construction would take place without requiring that a good portion of residential use be included as an integral element of the development.


The increased values of single family dwellings in Shorewood is an almost natural trend and further being accomplished by upgrading and size augmentation of homes, this with little or no intervention in free market operations.


On the other hand, condominiums and upscale apartments are the result of intervention in the free market, direct actions taken by our Village government.


This is not meant to be a criticism of any of our redevelopment activities but is being presented here to point to the need to test out these opinions as they need to be proved or disproved if we are to continue implementing our present community development policies.


These policies are the responsibilities of the Village Board and it would seem that the members would want their operations to be based on fact rather than on opinion or speculation.


If the commercial portion of our tax base is not increasing even though we are intervening in development of commercial properties for that purpose, and if we may not be attracting families with children to Shorewood which is another element of our intervention policies, and if no significant number of empty nesters living in Shorewood are selling their homes and moving into these condos and apartments, and if families with children are not moving into these empty nesters' vacated homes, then we should make ourselves aware of these facts.


It is to the degree that Shorewood residents are actually doing what we wish they should be doing that this information is presently being sought by a committee made up of members representing the School District and Village Board and being chaired by the Director of the Community Development Authority.


If this assumed movement of residents is not taking place and if our efforts to improve our tax base by proportionately expanding the commercial part of our tax base is also not happening, then we'll have to take another tack in terms of public policy.


It becomes necessary then to determine as to whether our efforts to intervene in the free market are moving us in the direction of accomplishing the goals we have established for ourselves.


It would seem that if we find that we are not attaining our goals in this manner, that then we should establish other methods for doing so.

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