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Health care reform and climate change. Two recurring news items. At the end of 2009, it seemed like we were going to be able to move beyond these two stories. But they keep coming back. Is it Groundhog Day? Is it a recurring nightmare?

President Obama said last month that in 2010 he was going to make jobs is number one priority. The next day, he moved on to health care. We abandoned health care ever since. After a 7 1/2 hour lunch meeting, we find that nothing was accomplished. No minds were changed. In January after the Massachusetts Senate election, President Obama said in a news interview that he was going to slow down and get things right. One could almost interpret that as taking the health care bill, scrapping it, and starting over from scratch putting in the ideas that are needed and leaving out the arm twisting, backroom deals, etc., also known as sausage making. Now, the president wants to ram it through within six weeks. Is this supposed to make the American people more confident in our government?

Global warming is another subject that keeps rearing its ugly ignorant head. After the House of Representatives passed its bill, it lost steam in the Senate. Then came climate gate. Revealed were the e-mails saying that the science was inconclusive. The members of the climate change committee concealed their findings that the globe is not heating up anymore. Again, one would think that they would be trumpeting these findings saying that we are getting the problem licked. Perhaps, what they're not telling us is that there is money behind all of this global warming data. Whether it is true or not.

Now the global warming nuts are coming back out in full force saying that January 2010 was the warmest January ever. And they have a couple of years' data to back this up. Despite all the blizzards that have shut down the East Coast, it was actually warm. Huh? Like the progressives with health care, the global warming advocates have decided that the American people are just a bunch of dumb dumb dummies that cannot comprehend what is actually going on. So, the global warming advocates are going to use the same technique-keep lying and tell the same lies again and again so that we start to believe it.

What also makes these stories parallel each other is that the politicians want to use the excuses of global warming and the evil insurance companies to levy huge tax increases on the American people at a time when the economy is being prolonged by the mismanagement of the administration beginning last year. Let's not waste a crisis. What we had not imagined last year, is that we would still be tackling the same problems, the same way, in the same manner. Bad ideas that do not make sense should not be forced upon us no matter how bad things get. Is the worst behind us? The progressives are hoping we will answer no.

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