Thanks to John Carlton, Nancy Bornstein, Michael Mishlove and the Shorewood School Board.

Community redevelopment. Developing increased school enrollment. Policy based on facts.



School Board members John Carlton and Nancy Bornstein said an Ad Hoc Enrollment Committee will be able to develop some meaningful data that might lead to polices and decisions that would help increase enrollment in the village schools.


The committee, formed as a result of a Bi Board meeting in December, is already investigating whether those who bought condominiums in three of the newer developments in the village are residents who moved from a house to a condo or if they moved from another community.”


I've quoted these first two paragraphs from an article written by Mary Buckley in the February 25th issue of North Shore Now for those who may not have read this article.


Member Michael Mishlove said developments such as the Cornerstone, being built on Kensington Boulevard and Oakland Avenue don't bring families to Shorewood. The development will have retail spaces on the first floor and 25 luxury apartments on the upper floors. Mishlove said it was unlikely that families would live in these apartments and said more affordable housing is needed.


Borenstein said the village wants to enlarge the tax base with new development to help keep taxes down. 'These are legitimate competing interests' Bornstein said. 'We see ourselves highly taxed on those lists but people don't see what they get for those taxes.' “


I want to congratulate the three members, John Carlton, Nancy Bornstein, Michael Mishlove and the School Board for taking this action and who have been sticking to their guns on this issue.


Let's deal with the facts and not with hopeful speculation.


The Village Board, has been making policy based on their belief that movement of empty nesters would be encouraged by the presences of more condominiums in Shorewood and that that movement would be to new condos being provided.


Then families with children would replace the empty nesters who would be moving out. These notions have been expressed to justify policies that are being followed in our community redevelopment efforts and are not based in fact.


I'd like to see more funds coming to our school system to help maintain excellence. This might require some work with the State so that modifications can be made to overcome some of the deficiencies with the existing funding policies in the face of present demographic trends.


Again congratulations to John Carlton, Nancy Bornstein, Michael Mishlove and the School Board for following through on your convictions on this issue.

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