Yes, it is possible to be informed in the United States.  Yes, it is possible to find objective journalism in the U.S.  No, no place is perfect in reporting the news.  However regularly following these news sources will get you much closer to the truth than following MSNBC, FOX, Moveon, Limbaugh, or other news outlets that only slant the news and do not report it objectively ...or even make an attempt to do so.  A partial list I suggest...

The British Broadcasting Co. is still the gold standard in international news.   BBC.co.uk/

Sunlight Foundation.org - A non-partisan, non-profit place to find refreshing openness about events and people who influence the news.  They recently revealed the secret meetings that Obama had with the pharmaceutical industry, its CEOs, its lobbyists, etc. after he promised  to eliminate lobbying in Washington. 

NPR.org   National Public Radio, with limited resources, presents a fair assessment of news and events.

PBS.org -   Public TV network is still too beholden to its major support groups, but does as fair a presentation of the news as can be found in the U.S. on network TV.




oppapers.com - has access to many research papers, essays, and theses on a variety of subjects.

CBC - The Canadians have a much better record of objective news reporting than most of U.S. news.

Of course there are many other sources that I could suggest.  But if you relied on the above resources in your search for objectivity in news reporting you would be far better infomred than 99% of Americans.

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