A look at a "mad as hell approach" to handling a devil of an economy.

The economy. Unemployment. Taxes. Government spending. Mad as hell.

What a devil of an economy!


So we're as mad as hell.  What are we going to do about it?  What can we, those of us who are so mad, going do about it, especially as we are not going to take it anymore?  How are we going to quit taking it?


The strange thing is that no matter how mad we've become it doesn't seem that anyone knows what to do about it.  We are in effect in a depression and mad as hell about it, but what can we do about it?


We are involved in two wars, rightfully or wrongly. Not only is there a lot of killing going on with or without the help of the devil but it's more costly than the devil and contributing to our enormous national debt.


The Republicans and the Democrats are just as guilty in creating this large debt over this past decade. Neither party has repented or has a solution.


The Social security and Medicare programs are going to hell. They must have been contracts with the devil. What are we going to do about it?


Our banks and insurance companies don't seem to be of much help. They are like vacuum cleaners, They know how to suck up money but don't know much about how to distribute it.   And what about the money changers on Wall Street?


Any intelligence in the Congress, shared by all of them as a congregation or by any individual hasn't produced a solution.   What are they doing?   Merely lining their pockets? How do we change that?


The Chinese have become worried about our future ability to pay them off, so they've sold some of our bonds and diminished their risk.


Depression brings on a great deal of unemployment. So that those unemployed besides their own personal and individual miseries can not buy as many consumer products.


Therefore, industry doesn't provide as many of these products and doesn't hire many, if any of the unemployed. Besides if we can buy anything that we need, we can buy it from China at any time. And you can get as mad as hell about that, but what are you going to do about it? “Make a contract with the devil?


Can the far right or the far left, or the so-called middle come up with a solution? Perhaps, if we close our eyes, we won't need a solution, it will go away by itself. So we can stop being mad and just wait. Does anyone think that is the solution?


I don't think that a contract with the devil will help. Look at what happened to Haiti. They contracted with the devil


Meanwhile and in the interim we can continue to live as though earth quakes, hurricanes and global warming cannot happen, so let's calm down. Let's not get so mad. Our madness only stimulates the devil's interest.


Here are some of the notions out there. Tax at any time is not good. Therefore, raising any kind of taxes especially during depression is not good.


Government spending of any kind is not good and to increase spending during depression especially is not good. Does this mean do nothing?


So if we are not going to spend nor tax, we must start by doing away with IRS. I bet even I could get elected to office if I ran on that.


If we were to look at the economy as though it were a machine, we would know that it is either breaking down or not running too well. What do we do? Find out why it's not running too well.


The main problem is that many people are not working. So how do we start putting people to work, Some suggest by doing nothing. Leave it alone and it will take care of itself. But what happens if the machine breaks down completely?


But if you don't believe that and you believe something must be done and we have to put people to work to start with, before we can do much else, then we should put people to work at long term national investments that will pay off in the long run.


That is, we must do as much as possible with our aging infrastructure and develop an infrastructure that will begin paying off as soon as possible and will continue to do so for the next 100 years.


We must direct funds to municipalities and to our states on the basis of developed and developing programs that will start upgrading our infrastructure as soon as possible.


These funds can be paid off in the long run. They are investments in the future. This type of program should begin improving that machine that doesn't seem to be working too well. Then there will be other programs to follow to further lubricate it.


It seems that there are really only two choices, do nothing or do something. Our congress must begin operating based on one of these choices. We aren't so sure that opposition candidates have made any of these choices either.


Is there any other way to go but to take these positive steps and at the same time improve our employment situation through a process of upgrading our infrastructure?

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