While there are some people who see liberals everywhere, it is well to point out that the United States of America is the only industrial nation in the entire world that never had a strong political movement from the left.  To a conservative this is hard to believe.  To a conservative, a movement to organize labor is a leftist threat.  To a conservative, any taxes are cause for concern and seen as unnecessarily bowing to the left [unless the money is spent on the military, border protection, taxing the middle class in order to give tax breaks to big business, drug enforcement to protect legal drug corporations, etc.]. 

Milwaukee is a good case in point.  For decades in the 20th century, the Mayor of Milwaukee was officially a member of the Socialist Party, and ran for office on that ticket.  The last Socialist mayor here was in 1960.  Prior to 1960, Milwaukee was well known to have just about the cleanest and most honest city government in America.  Since then, there has been a slide and Milwaukee is now seen as a city in great trouble financially, socially, racially, politically, etc.  Today not only the term "socialist" has been trashed and made people fearful, the word "liberal" is also feared by many.  And the liberals have allowed it to happen with their own lack of principled and assertive leadership.  Rather than fight to uphold the rich liberal tradition, liberals have been cowards and ran away to the term "progressive."

It is a joke to label today's Democratic Party as liberal.  The U.S. Senate Majority Leader and the Speaker of the House of Representatives are hardly raving liberals.  They are politically expedient, and choose silly topics, heavily compromised bills, and awkward argumentation to put forth their shallow legislation.  It is not surprising that the Democrats in Congress have been miserable failures.

Adding to the misconception about liberals are the media.  On network "talk shows" there is always a gathering of liberals and conservatives to discuss a point.  I have seen no liberals come forward with anythng approaching intelligent discussion and proposals.  Usually they have "wimped out," or taken argumentative positions that may make for good media but do very little to move the U.S. forward.  There is no strong, intelligent liberal voice in America today.

Moving back to my hometown of Milwaukee, I found no liberal voice of note here either.  This city, long rich in liberal politics, is now without a liberal voice.  Oh, there are some modest, timid liberals who sheepishly speak out from time to time, but they are far too often beholden to their job, or their radio or TV outlet, or without intelligent discourse.  Liberals in Milwaukee are just about non-existent.  What a tragic development in a city with such an illustrious liberal heritage.

The loss of intelligent liberals can be clearly exampled in the way President Obama has handled his proposals and hopes for change.  He turned the future of change over to the politicians in Congress.  What a horrible mistake!  His strong leadership was essential from the first day he took office, and instead he tried to act "democratically" and allow the elected members of Congress to take the lead.  Leadership and Congress do not mesh, they are worlds apart in today's environment.  There is no leadership in Congress from the left or the right.  Wimpy LIberals vs. No-Nothing Conservatives.  What a nation we have become.

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