The Corpse Men

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It did not take long for the Liberals to jump on Sarah Palin for writing a few words on her hand during a keynote speech at the Tea Party convention. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was also poking fun at Sarah Palin by writing words on his hand. That just goes to show how immature this administration will behave. What Gibbs did should be an embarrassment to the administration. But it wasn't.

Receiving lesser coverage, which means it was only covered by Fox news, was Barack Obama giving a speech recognizing military corpsman. What is well-documented is Barack Obama's dependence on teleprompters. And what was illustrated by this under reported story is that Brock Obama-who wants a reputation of being smarter than everybody else-needs to have several words on his Teleprompter written phonetically. He pronounced corpsmen as 'Corpse man'. Sure, anyone can mispronounce a word here and there, but Obama repeated it several times. Why would a person as smart as Obama mispronounce the same word multiple times? The mainstream media is giving a pass on the commander-in-chief mispronouncing military words. Now we know why the mainstream media is sometimes called the lame stream media.

Another item of note is that Barry Gaffeagain needed a Teleprompter to talk to a sixth-grade class. How much confidence is the president of the United States portraying to grade schoolers when he needs a Teleprompter to talk to sixth graders?

How can the citizens of the United States feel confident that the president is doing the people's work when we are seeing examples of the immaturity of the president and his administration. Obama is clearly in over his head. He cannot handle the presidency. The office of the presidency involves more than just sitting down for TV interviews on the channels that only give favorable coverage to Obama and his policies.

Robert Gibbs wrote on his left hand; hope and change. What was written on his right hand? Wipe with this one. The left-wing liberal media left that part out.

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