A short, short story.

Short Story.



They met in Germany only a few months after the war when the no fraternization rules had been lifted. Many thought at the time that Germany could never rebuild, not in fifty years.


Of course this was before the Marshall Plan. She was twenty-years old, working as a librarian in camp, beautiful, intelligent, confident and he was soon destined to return to the United States. This was no time to develop a permanent relationship.


Now after almost sixty-five years, Germany again.  A new reality.  As he got out of the taxi he glanced toward the house and saw a quick movement at the curtain and then the door opened. It seemed that what had become a slight pain in his leg now caused him to limp a little bit. Why now?


There she stood, straight as when they separated. As he came closer and looked into her eyes, sixty five years had melted away. She was again a young woman that he had loved years ago.  .


She walked toward him, this once foreign soldier that she had never forgotten. After these many years, he had remained there always in the back of her mind. Now there he stood, this old man and she an old lady, again in their twenties.


They embraced, two old friends. She had arranged coffee and friends were to come later, but for now, she was to renew all those old feelings. She was again a young girl in love and her lover now there and in her arms.


She had willed this moment.  Tomorrow she would visit with her former husband who had passed away four years ago and this her former lover, who arrived today, he would meet with his wife who had arrived the year before.


(Now after almost sixty-five years, there she stood. She walked toward him. They embraced. Her lover now in her arms. She had willed the moment).

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