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The Democrat arrogance that has been emanating in this country has also been greatly slowed down. The political parties nationalized the Senate race in Massachusetts. It became a referendum on Obama care. The citizens of Massachusetts became a voice for the nation and spoke loudly and clearly that Congress and the Obama administration must take a new direction for America to be successful.

Running on a platform of being the 41st vote to stop the healthcare monstrosity that is currently going through Congress helped elect Scott Brown. Also on the Brown platform is concern about huge budget deficits, national security, and the statement economy. All were to be addressed by the Obama administration but instead he made the "jobs" priority low on his to do list while he turned practically single-mindedly towards passing the healthcare reform bill. Obama bet his presidency on it, and now it looks like he has lost.

After the Christmas eve vote in which the healthcare bill passed the Senate, Obama was out making speeches touting on how seven presidents have taken on the issue of healthcare reform and seven presidents have failed. It is quite evident that he arrogantly believed that he would be the final success. With the high amount of schadenfreude, this is what is best for America.

The economy has been in what is now being called the Great Recession for over two years. As families grow uncertain about the future of their jobs, unemployment has climbed. Companies are not hiring because of the uncertainty of their tax future. People who are fortunate enough to not lose their jobs, and had to forgo raises. At the same time, governments have increased their spending and in turn have raised taxes. Then, politicians have not figured out why people are not confidently spending money. Instead of giving companies incentives to hire more workers, the government has focused their attention on how working families are going to keep health insurance if they lose their jobs. Although this is a noble concern, if the government would focus on giving companies tax incentives to hire more people, more families could get health insurance through their employer which has been how the majority of people get their health insurance in America. This has been going on for generations. Now, all of a sudden this turned out to be the worst system in the world.

The Democrats were blindsided by the special election in Massachusetts. After a year of leaving that they are infallible and going to be in power for a long time, now Democrats across the country are worried. When Democrats get in trouble, they usually have the president if they are in the same party come campaign for them. Obama campaigned for Democratic gubernatorial candidates in Virginia and New Jersey. Both lost. Obama campaigned for Coakley in Massachusetts. She lost. I hope Obama plans to come to Wisconsin and campaign for Russ Feingold.

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