Politics and the Wealth of Nations.

American politics and free enterprise.



Republicans; far from a failed party--letter to Adam Smith.


Summing up some of the Republican successes over the past several decades: removal of most government restrictions when it comes to financial institutions and those pertaining to Wall Street functions, and bit by bit when it comes to any business restrictions.   


We developed a public debt of sufficiency so as not to afford any experimentation or expansion of most social programs by the other party.


Secondarily, we've managed to keep a conservation Supreme Court and encouraged pro-business lobbying and as of a few days ago as a minority party, the conservative Supreme Court that we've established has still continued to give us some action by converting corporations into human-like entities with similar legal rights by granting them all the privileges as those of individual citizens, except for voting privileges and the right to run for office.


We have kept moving toward a clean slate, free of government interference and even as a minority party have managed to keep the present administration from passing a public health care law. We've made labor unions powerless and we shall eventually eliminate them altogether.


We will have achieved near success when we manage to eliminate Social Security and Medicare and all programs related to these.


By continuing to mop up all socialist programs we are gradually returning to a more pure and free enterprise system. This has been our goal and we've amassed the power and wealth to be in sight of real and final success.


Let them talk about a failed party. Look at our persistent successes.




Democrats; without cohesive goals are not a real party--letter to Adam Smith.


Our response: a summation of our failures over the past several decades: from the Blue Dog* conservatives on the right to the down-right socialist on the left and the middle Republican types in the middle, in spite of our dysfunctional efficacies as a political party, we have accomplished the following:


We've managed to put on the appearances of a party so that even without goals we present ourselves as those who fight for fairness, equality and freedom within a free enterprise system.


Contrary to Republican beliefs, we believe that government through regulation of market entities can even-out the ups and downs of the market place and make it work for rich and poor alike.


We also believe that the rich should pay taxes proportionate to their wealth rather than their mere number in order to finance the required government programs for the poor and needy.


These are intellectual ideas more than practiced solution therefore are often misunderstood and therefore difficult to pass into laws or established as programs.


We spend most of our time fending off the accusations of our leftist leanings and in trying to emotionalize our intellectualism. We want to see free enterprise work but within rules of fairness. Even though we are not a party, we manage to appear as one and support an operative free enterprise system.



*Blue Dogs are the conservatives that represent the values of Middle America within the Democratic party. They do not support abortion, gay marriages nor gun control. They also stand for securing the borders to stop the flow of drugs into the United States and the hemorrhage of manufacturing jobs leaving the United States for other countries. These are their main issues and the base of what Republicans refer to as the political middle.

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