We Want Our Money Back

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"We want our money back."Sometimes it's hard to believe that that statement actually came from President Barack Obama. But then we remember that it came from the antibusiness sentiment of the Obama administration. President Obama gets a perverse sense of pleasure whenever he thinks that he can stick it to the banks. First, Obama thinks that he saved the American economy by bailing out the banks. Now, he wants Americans to think that banks are the root of evil in America today.

The Obama administration tries to grab credit for the reversal of the economic slowdown. Again this year, all the problems that Obama has her inherited from the Bush administration. However, if you take a second look, the economic slowdown began to accelerate when it was clear that Obama was going to become the next president of the United States. Companies uncertain of the economic future because of unknown level of taxes that would be forthcoming, there will be a lot of them, began to cut costs. Now, after hitting bottom of an 18 month recession, Obama takes all the credit. The Obama administration also takes credit for this stimulus bill working wonders as designed. Then in the next breath, people will claim that only 25% of the stimulus bill is been paid out. If it works out well at 25%, why not canceled the remaining 75%? What about making the taxpayer a whole on this issue?

Obama and the Democrats are looking for any way to raise taxes on the American people. Apparently Obama does not understand that when you impose a fee on businesses they pass it along to consumers. What happened to Obama's promise that he will not raise taxes on the middle class? Assumably, whatever filters down to the middle class does not count. For Obama's promise to be true, it just has to be taxed imposed directly to the middle class.

The American taxpayer is now owed a lot from the Obama administration. We were promised uneconomic recovery that did not materialize. The taxpayer got stuck with the bill for $787 billion stimulus bill which has made no difference to the economy at best. If nothing else, it is made things worse. Still coming to America is being forced on a health-care bill that has very little to do with health care reform. It is more about political favors and it is about insurance reform. 49 states must now pay for 50 states' Medicaid. Medicare will be good for seniors in 49 states. A tax on health care plans will be applied to all Americans-except if you are a union member.

This administration promised to come to Washington with a new attitude. It would not be "business as usual." But it has been business as usual. The Obama administration was not supposed to be influenced by lobbyists or special interest groups. Yet, unions and trial lawyers have had their hand in just about every piece of legislation and action taken by the ministration. It's payback time for the unions and trial lawyers. And they're getting paid back.

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