Then meanwhile, why?

Knowledge. Is there explanation of existence? Need there be?



Human beings. Will we ever cease seeking as to how we came here? Did we grow out of the earth did we arrive by divine journey or did we come from outer space to this unique planet in the universe?


From what our intellect seeks out of reality or from what we create from within our brain and out of our thinking process, we know that we are here and in reality, unique and alone but we don't always believe it. We know that we are alone, as individuals and as a unique specie but perhaps not really alone at many levels.


We will neither know the source of the universe and its existence no matter our speculation over whether a big or small bang nor whether we know merely that we experience existence which perhaps gives us a soul, a concept more mysterious than the earth, the universe and the bang itself.


We know too that each of us is one of a kind, like one within the millions of ants. At death, we can be piled up in the thousands like those dead in Haiti today. What was their purpose now in marked and unmarked graves?


Today those of us who give thought to the nature of things are content to accept that it all started from a concentration of energy at only a point, a pin point that gave rise to an expanding universe, the energy that also created time, light and gravity but can we know the point or the larger space from which all expansion comes.


Beyond that, we may find it necessary to know what created the individual human spirit that is its soul? Do we merely need to experience this concept of individual spirit and of individual soul and nothing else?


Yet the question, whatever caused the expansion? Can we ever detect the point from which we are expanding and at accelerating speed? Are these questions still without answers? Beyond that, what caused this point in time, before time, this point in space, before time and space itself?


And after all that, a moment of time that measures my life and all the energy in all the light and gravity? Was it all worthwhile, the creation of consciousness, my consciousness and my soul? Soul and consciousness in all of us, in of those once living entities all piled together in a common grave. Are all their souls there together?


At a time, to be set, I will be gone and later no one ever recalling. And so what is in the recall, it is no longer life? And then after those that recall are dead, then even in the death of those conscious, then are all ideas as though never alive but once unique?


And then what is life? Do all forms of life pose this question that we ask? It seems not, especially if we are unique and we are the only ones Our intellect has developed beyond the need of merely picking up food, it asks why do we exist, merely to pick up food? Why do we live and survive on organic substances once alive?


Why do we have the need to ask, where did we come from and the purpose of this journey of existence? Then finally why evangelist,s those who get rich on the media from those contributors who also ask why, do those who preach exist in pretense that they know why?


Recently a preacher proclaimed the Haiti is damned because of its deal with the devil.  Did all agree to this deal, even those unborn who are now living and not part of the deal?


Where does the devil come into our existence writing contracts? Is he really essential to any of this or is he a figment of someone's imagination?


If all of us together and individually don't know when, where and how, why should any of us in single and marked graves and those of us together in common graves ever have known why?


Why then all of those once here, because of a slight shake of the earth are never to be again? Should we like bees and ants never ask why?   Can we ever find the reason for life in what we might consider as solid truth?   And meanwhile . . . .

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