One Year of Obama

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We have survived one quarter of the Obama term already. As difficult as it got, we have survived. A year of failure and lies is certain to be followed by three more years of failure and lies. America voted to give Barack Obama the chance to heal the country's problems. We took his promises at face value and placed our hope in him and his administration with one caveat-the plans had to work.

We, as Americans were sold on hope and change for the better. We certainly received less than that. On energy, Obama said that he was open to offshore drilling. Whatever happened to that? Apparently he made that promise just to get elected. We are no closer to energy independence. And thinking that solar panels and windmills will solve our problem, that's just plain out deceit.

We were sold the idea of economic recovery. Obama convince the Congress to rush a $787 billion stimulus plan through Congress. We did and what happened? Absolutely nothing. Where is the money? Where are the jobs? Where are the results?

For 2010, Brock Obama has promised to make jobs his top priority. After a nearly two-year recession, Americans expected that to be job number one. Evidently, it was not. Instead, Obama and his administration and cronies in Congress decided to divert America's attention to the subject of health care with the ultimate goal of government takeover. Even though it seemed to falter at every step, it somehow kept advancing. It took buying 60 votes in the Senate and huge payoffs to other members of Congress just to get a watered-down bill that Barack Obama will claim political victory for.

Brock Obama has made the United States less safe. His inability to recognize the war against the United States by Islamic terrorists has reduced confidence that the president is taking his number one responsibility-keep America safe-seriously. His mishandling of the shooting at Fort Hood is only superseded by his mishandling of the underpants bomber. Making a speech three days later in a Hawaiian shirt and a blazer does not instill confidence. Because of the emphasis on being politically correct, suspicious people cannot be profiled while the rest of us have to go through pat downs and full body scans with feel-good attitude that if I had a bomb in my pants, it would be found. Sounds like a bunch of crap to me. Al Qaeda has achieved its goal. Americans are polarized, fearful, and don't really know how to react to this new wave of fear and terror. How confident can our future be?

Obama should be nearing the end of his time than what she can blame George Bush for all the problems of his presidency. Blaming Bush is nothing short of admitting that he is in over his head. Aroma hope is that Congress does not show through enough poorly designed laws that are being read by no one before it's too late. America needs some fresh candidates to elect into office that has the nation's interests as a top priority and not their own selfish paybacks that the Democrats in the current Congress have. I've never felt that this country is headed in the wrong direction so strongly as I have this past year. And the opinion polls show that I am not alone. It's not only an indication that our best days are behind us, it's almost a foregone conclusion. Barack Obama's presidency will continue to be historic-only as the worst president of the modern era.

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