The Best Year Yet

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Having just transitioned from 2009 into 2010, one thing we can say is that it has been a year like no other. Then again, we can say that about every year. We do say that about every year.

The year 2009 was supposed to be a year that began with great hope. We had elected a new president, and we were satisfied that the Republicans of 2008 were the cause of all the malcontent in the world. It was an easy excuse, but we liked it. Things can only get better, right?

It didn't take long for President Barack Obama to come out and try to undo all the things that had been done by George W. Bush in the previous presidency. The economy was going to be corrected by a huge spending bill. It was sold to America as a jobs bill for shovel ready projects. Now, a year later, we not only do not have the jobs, we do not have any shovels ready. The phrase "shovel ready"has become meaningless. It did not turn out to be the WPA 2 and Obama did not turn out to be the second coming of Franklin Roosevelt. America is set to spend the remainder of the $787 billion stimulus bill and for what? We no longer know. All we know is that it's for buying Democrat votes for the midterm elections.

Health care became another year-long boondoggle. Americans like the idea of everyone having health care coverage in all cases. What did we get? We were sold a lie. We were sold the free lunch. Americans are expected to believe that 30 million more people will be covered by the health insurance programs in the United States and the costs will be hidden. $1 trillion is going to be paid by either the rich people in this country or by users and purchasers of medical devices. This is how we contain costs. What?

Just about anyone in America, to the dismay of Democrats, can figure out that adding all of these costs has to be borne by someone. It is supposed to bend the cost curve. When? We are having tax increases over 10 years and programs that are going to pay out for about 5 1/2 years. We are then sold on the idea that this is going to reduce the deficit. How?

Requiring 49 states to pay for the Medicaid of 50 states is also unfair to those in 49 states. Health insurance reform also pays a huge amount to the state of Louisiana. How is this health care reform? Buying off political favors in exchange for votes is considered health care reform but taking a quarter billion dollars out of the health care reform bill is the so-called doctors option is not. Can someone explain this to me again?

It should be considered reprehensible and kerosene to all Americans that the Congress is passing these multi-thousand page bills and refuses to read any or all of them. Then we are supposed to pass them through the Congress at breakneck speed before they lose political popularity.

But Republicans have long been criticized as having no ideas. Their ideas have just been voted down by the majority of the Democrats who have enough votes to do so. The Republicans should not be labeled as too little too late. A good idea today is a good idea tomorrow. The Republican ideas include not scrapping the entire health care system, but using tort reform in interstate commerce as incremental solutions. The Democrats continually wonder shall this bill down our throats before it loses any more popularity. That's why they wanted it done by August, that's why they wanted it done by Christmas. If they listen to their constituents, they would know that the bill in its current form is bad for America. They want to hurry up and pass it before they have to start listening to their constituents in their home districts again. It's as if they have a little inkling of conscience.

Just an inkling? I'm probably giving them too much credit.

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