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My resolution is to lose weight.

My resolution is to eat healthier.

My resolution is to exercise more.

Why do we make New Year’s resolutions? Is there something magical about January 1st? Will flipping the page on the calendar that you just bought for 50% off after Christmas make you a better person?

Okay, maybe it’s the fact that January 1 marks the start of a new month. After all, it’s probably easier to start a resolution at the beginning of a new month, isn’t it? But if that’s true, let’s change New Year’s resolutions to spring resolutions and start on April 1st. Spring cleaning can be exercise, so how about a spring resolution to exercise more.

Maybe it’s the fact that starting a resolution in the beginning of a new year might just get you to keep it. Sorry, but how many of you resolved to lose weight last year and by March 1st you were munching on a king size Snickers Bar? Oh wait, let me guess, it was a treat for losing one pound in two months.

No, January 1 is not the magical date. Besides, how many people actually start their New Years resolutions on January 1st? Eating a bag of chips while watching the many bowl games on TV is breaking your resolution right out of the starting gate. And who really goes to the gym on January 1 to start the workout regime that you’ve been meaning to get to for the last year. That treadmill you got as a holiday gift, are you really going to use it on January 1? My guess, it’s an expensive coat rack.

So why DO we make New Year’s resolutions? The answer is simple, its what we’ve been told to do. But who started this oh so wonderful tradition? Who actually took the time to sit and think, “Oh it would be a good idea to change ourselves on January 1.” Let me guess, his resolution was to convince a world of people that this was a good idea. He succeeded.

So, here’s my resolution. I resolve to eat healthier and exercise more. I’ll start going to the gym sometime after I finish eating my large hot fudge sundae from Kopps. Really, I promise to start . . . sometime . . . maybe in April.

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