Serum the counters terrorism.



A virus can only live within another organism. Terrorist, like organic viruses must be supported by other organisms. Terrorist viruses live and are sustained within host countries.


To deal with terrorist viruses it then becomes necessary to find the host organism that sustains the life of the virus.


Our first step then in exterminating terrorist viruses is to locate the larger more obvious organism that gives life and supports the virus. This larger organism is a government or an agency supported by a government created to hide the governments identity as well as that of the group-forming virus. .


Once we identify this large agency, it becomes necessary to destroy all links with the virus, even to the point of exterminating the created agency itself and especially all of its financial links. What we will be doing is eliminating all sources of funds and killing off the virus' lifelines.


The elimination of funds as a process becomes the virus-destroying serum. Up until the present time, we have hesitated even to suggest to other governments that we know that these agencies exist.


Now we must ask these governments to helps eliminate these virus-forming agencies. They must assist us or their roles will be exposed.


Interested countries should gradually turn their efforts toward eliminating all these life-giving support agencies while at the same time reducing the resources we are making available to war that is not succeeding in eliminating the virus.


We must give economic assistance to these places that have had to suffer the development of this virus to strengthen them from a re-introduction of the virus.

Some of the money being saved by reducing and by eventually eliminating all war activity that has not succeeded in eliminating the virus may be used for this purpose.


This means dealing with or confronting the governments of a number of pro-terrorist countries.


If they are not willing to work with us, it may become difficult for them. If they continue to remain virus incubators and threaten other countries, then they too may find that they too are enemies of God and the rest of the world and should expect some serious serum injections.


All countries engaged in the virus business must also expect some vigorous virus treatment and serum administration if they are not going to establish their own virus elimination processes. They certainly should not want to become enemies of God.

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